How Can We Get Rid Of Black Magic Demons?

One of my family members has severe weakness and physical problems so that she’s in bed all the time. doctors cannot treat nor make any diagnosis for. All her tests show she is healthy, While she’s constantly suffering from weakness and physical difficulties.

One the other hand she experiences strange things, like feeling a dark tall men stand behind bedroom door at night, somebody kisses back her in her sleep and tries to drill her body with its mouth, this causes her to wake up with severe discomfort in her back.

She has heard a snake like voice whisper her name in the dark. She has visions of freaky faces, skeletons, dreadful eyes, etc.

We have been to several shamans and have been told that she has some demons attached to her by black magic. But nobody couldn’t contact with them or remove them. These demons are like phantom, they exist but nobody can uncover them.

We don’t know what to do, who to turn to or where to run to.

Prayers, invocations and white light visualization have no effect on my sister’s condition.

Please help us we are so desperate.

Best regards.

Asked by Ara