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Strange Smell

So, my house is very old, at least 100 years. We know for a fact that at least two people died in the bedrooms. A woman died in my husband and I’s room and her husband died in my mother-in-laws room. They never seem to be malevolent, but we have seen their figures and they each have a certain smell that follows them. We even took the cabinet doors off in our kitchen because they opened and closed all night. We haven’t had any sign from the woman in a long time so we think she has moved on, but the man is still here because we have seen him at the edge of our bed.

But over the last few days, I have been smelling a foul smell, but nobody else smelled it until yesterday. It smells like death or sewer. It comes and goes and moves through out the house. I am worried about it because it isn’t either of the two spirits we know reside.

In our house and the smell makes me think it might not be anything good, but nothing has happened yet, other than the normal knocks in the night.

Should I try speaking to it? I’m not sure what to do and I want it to know that we don’t have anything for it and that it should move on.

Asked by Gennye

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Hi Gennye

First off, the other week an awful smell suddenly materialised in our house. It started in the kitchen area but got more repugant over the course of a week and spread about the house as time went on. It then disappeared as quickly as it arrived. It smelt just like a rancid, wet dishcloth. We never did get to the source of it. I suspected a dead mouse or rat, but we never found a corpse nor evidence of a rodent infestation.

My first question would have to be; is there damp in your wardrobe or anywhere, where you might store your clothes? Or, rodent pee? That might explain why you smelt it first as the smell was closest to your nose.

My second question is; what rooms did this smell travel to? Are all the rooms linked in some way? IE with guttering, sewage, same floor level? Interlocking or divided walls? In other words, could a smell travel though the air from one room to the next? Why not try lighting a scented candal in the area where the smell originated and see if you can trace where the air takes its smell.

My third question is; why are you convinced it’s a spirit? Have you already explored all other, natural, explanations?

My grandad had the distinctive smell of a combination of mothballs and chewie tobacco when he was alive – lol! I always know when he’s popped in to visit me, because that smell filling my nostrils is the first indictaion that he’s arrived. I find it comforting.


Hi Gennye,

What does death smell like? Do you mean a dead body? The mouse that died in tthe floor between our kitchen and the upstairs rooms stank so badly for so many weeks. We couldn’t get to it unless we destroyed carpet and floor, and so we left it until the poor thing dessicated (it was summer) and then the smell went away.

You said the smell follows you around? My first thought is to feel sorry for the ghost. They often ‘project’ what they think they smell or look like, because they don’t realise that as spirits, they can look like anything they want to. Sometimes ghosts do it to scare people .. that annoys the heck out of me, so I tell them to ‘take it outside’, just like you would a small child.

It’s nice to know that at least one of the ghosts you have seen might have passed into heaven, but to make sure .. clear your home. At the bottom of this page is a link to the Michael Invocation. Read the page and use the Invocation, in the form there, to empty your home of every ghost, and the smell, if it is a ghost, should go with it. At least then you’ll be able to put back the cupboard doors. 🙂

Ghosts are just people, irritating, noisy, demanding people, who are lost between heaven and earth. They often need a little help to find the peace we all deserve .. so we help them. You can too.

Love & Peace

Hi; I’m posting this message because now for the past week I’ve been smelling mold ball over my right shoulder in my kitchen I ask husband if he smell it, only me. am not afraid in know kind of way cause I’ve had two in countered with my guardian angels so what does that smell means? I was reading up on some of Michael reading I believe so into my Lord Jesus Christ.

Hi Faleria,

I would not be putting up with smells in my house if they had a paranormal reason. I would be using the Michael Invocation (link is at the bottom of this webpage) to clear the house.

Guardian angels have never had a smell for me, though other entities have. Quan Yin smelled like a rose, and some ghosts smell appalling. I have found that the gift of ‘Clairalience’ (smelling paranormal beings) is more a trial than a pleasure. Thankfully it doesn’t happen to me very often.

The only other thing I could think of is some sort of skin infection or mouldy clothing that was put away damp? Either might smell strange. See how you go with the Invocation. That should take care of any problems.

Love & Peace