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Something Punched My Arm

Between 5:30 and 6:00 on the morning of December 4th, I was awakened by someone (or something) nudging my arm (like one would do if they were trying to wake you up.) It irritated me, but I was so sleepy that I didn’t even open my eyes. Then, as I was drifting back to sleep, I was nudged again. I immediately thought it was my husband, but just as I was getting ready to turn over and chew him out, I was nudged again!

When I opened my eyes, no one was in the bedroom other than our little Dachshund. He was asleep in his doggy bed on the bedroom floor. The bedroom door was closed, and my husband had gotten up hours before and was at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and reading the paper, when I got up. No one else was in the house.

It has been over four months since the above happened, and I’m still perplexed (and a little scared) by what I experienced. It was not a dream. The punches in my arm felt exactly like another human being was trying to wake me up.

Now I’m a little apprehensive when I go to bed at night and when I wake up, alone in the bedroom, in the morning. Was it a ghost or God or my guardian angel? Or something more sinister?

I would appreciate anyone help anyone can give me.

Thanks so much.

Note: I have had other paranormal experiences (Shadow People and spirits, to name a couple) but I have never been physically touched, until now, by an unknown entity.

Asked by Brenda

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Hi Brenda . What you described reminded me of something that happened to my husband back in 1996. His mother had recently been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and was in a hospital in Santa Rosa, Ca in a coma. He had spent the last 6 days by her side with hardly any sleep when the doctors told him he should go home and get some rest, ( unfortunately home was a 3 hour drive along Hwy 1 along the coast.)Not having enough money to stay at a local motel he opted to take their advice. As he was driving along the windy coastal road in his custom van all of a sudden he felt someone slug him from behind right on his shoulder blade with an audible voice saying ” Pull over!!” My husband turned around thinking there was a real person behind him. No one was there. A little while later he was slugged even harder in the same place with a ” I said pull over now!!” in a louder command. Luckily my husband did just that as he realized he was falling asleep at the wheel. When he got home I checked out his back to shockingly see a dark bruise where he had been hit. Someone obviously had been looking out for him. An angel maybe?

Hi Cindy,

Angels don’t usually bruise people. It sounds more like an over-protective ghost, or spirit, trying to keep him alive. Mind you, a bruise is a great way of remembering an event .. living proof of being hit. I hope he remembered to say ‘thank you’. 🙂

Love & Peace

You are right about the Angel being the ‘bruiser’. That was my husbands thought on that because he said it seemed like such a strong energy. I personally thought it might be from a loved one who had passed on and was around because his mom was just days away from passing on. However I did tell him to say thank you and the interesting part of this saga was until that moment though so many mystical things had happen to him he did not believe in an afterlife. After this he has been so much more open to the possibility. take care

Hi Brenda its me again. I ran out of room but wanted to also tell of something that happened to me about 20 years ago.Back then I was what you might describe as a serious party goer. I went out to the clubs drinking and dancing every chance I got . But one night after dozens of tequila shots, ect later I went home and passed out cold in my bed. I also hadn’t ate all day so you can imagine the condition I was in. Sometime later I woke up to what felt like someone grabbing my arm and shaking me. Being so out of it still I passed out again to someone shaking me even harder and what felt like someone yanking my sheets. I woke up startled and also what seemed to be gasping for air. I was up the rest of the night realizing that someone ( I mean a spiritual someone for there was no one there) was trying to save my life. I believe from an alcohol overdose. I believe it was my angels because not only did they save me that night but it also changed how I looked at life and realized there was more than just partying my life away. I was here for a reason. So from these and many other experiences in my life since I believe something like you experienced was a sort of a ‘wake up’ call from the spirit world. Whether an angel, your guide or a loved one that has passed on it was something positive to get your attention. It could have been even something you considered minor but they felt it was important enough to ‘wake you up’ take care

Hi Brenda,

What else happened that day? Did anyone in your family die either just before, or just after, that event? Was there an appointment you were supposed to go to that was important?

Ghosts will poke, God generally doesn’t, nor do guides. They are not supposed to do any harm, nor demand your attention, unless its vitally important. I think you had a visit from a pushy ghost, who, since nothing else happened since, quickly moved on when s/he couldn’t get your attention, or certainly make you frightened. I also noted that your dog was not scared, so I doubt it was a very negative entity, just one wanting attention.

Love & Peace

Thanks so much, Cindy and Ama. I really appreciate your help.

Ama, nothing special happened that day; no deaths, no appointments. But the night before, I was sitting on my deck, gazing into the starry sky, and I said a prayer, thanking God for His blessings, as I often do. And then I asked for guidance in becoming more spiritual and closer to Him.

About 10 years ago, I had another strange experience.

My husband & I were watching TV, and a female minister was talking about her life in the ministry and how fulfilling it was. I turned to my husband. “I wish I were closer to God, as I used to be,” I said.

That night, long after we had gone to sleep, I was awakened by a very strong, sharp scent that I could not identify. I had never smelled that scent before; the only way I can describe it is that it smelled something like freshly-shelled peas. The scent was as strong as smelling salts, so strong that it was as if someone were holding it to my nose. There were other scents in the air, too, like spices. The air in the room was strange, too…heavy and damp; it smelled like the earth after a summer rain. (It was not raining that night.) And I felt a presence in the room (I was not scared, and I don’t know why.) It was as if someone had swept into the bedroom from far away, bringing with them the scent of the damp earth deep in the woods, and those strange exotic scents. It was if I were there, myself, deep in the woods. (I grew up on a farm, so I often played in the woods with my siblings.)

I don’t know why, but I never opened my eyes.

I drifted back to sleep, but was awakened again by that strange unidentifiable scent, the damp heaviness in the air, the other exotic scents. Again, I didn’t open my eyes. And I drifted off to sleep again

I can’t understand why I didn’t open by eyes during those two episodes. I wasn’t scared; I was just perplexed. I feel there was a message for me in the experience, but I don’t know what.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this, Ama.

Thanks so much.

Hi Brenda,

Without a good reason, I am still convinced it was a ghost nudging you, and when you ignored it, it punched you. Not nice, but very human, and probably a kid/teen? Also, there’s a difference between a nudge and a punch .. so which was it? A nudge is designed to draw attention, a punch is a stronger reaction.

The smell you described reminds me of Gaia, Mother Earth, which would mean more a visit from the elemental world (nature beings), rather than the angelic. The angelic, and ascended masters, have their own scent, which is generally not ‘earth’ based. Quan Yin smells like roses. I’ve experienced her in one Rescue (ghostbusting) circle we ran back in 2002. The beautiful scent, and her lovely energy, filled the room and had us all sniffing and looking around. The lady who had the most contact with her exaplined who she was, because she’d often had that scent around her, at unexpected times. That was a lovely experience. You might relate it more to Mary, mother of Jesus, who comes through with the same energy .. that I’ve also experienced.

There was no reason for you to be scared. We only really feel fear when something that is foreign to our energy interacts with us, either dragging our energy up, or trying to steal it. It’s part of the self-defense mechanism to raise higher energy to have it to give away. Our solar plexus chakra spins faster, and we feel as though we are frightened, or going to have an anxiety attack. I slow it all down by HUFFING the energy out of my system .. to unload the top layer (overload), in a sense, so that I can still communicate with whatever is there, if its appropriate, without the anxiety feeling. That works.

To work out the message look at what was happening in your life at the time, the highs and lows, and see if you can remember any requests you had made to God, perhaps you wanted to know him in all his ‘natural’ wonder .. so he sent his ‘elemental’ form to visit you? Many people are gifted to work with earth energy, perhaps you are? Do you feel the energy shifts in the world, the changes in the weather before they happen, volcanoes and earthquakes before they happen? Start keeping a diary, write down when and where you are feeling unsettled, then check the net or the news to see what earth-related events are happening that day? My husband has an earthquake notification program on his computer that he checks from time to time. I think he downloaded it for free.

Not opening your eyes .. your spirit knew the entity was not harmful, and you were half asleep and tired .. so you went back to sleep. To make sure you remembered the event, the entity woke you twice .. same result. You were not afraid and went back to sleep .. but you remember .. and that is what was important.

Can you go back into the memory and relive it, Brenda? Do you meditate or spend time in contemplation. Ask God to help you find the answer to what the message was. Your guides and angels will help, they are God’s messagers to us.

Love & Peace

Thank you so much, Ama. You have been very helpful.

Yes, I do feel shifts in the weather; I know when it is going to rain or snow, and, at times, I feel something is not right with the earth…the light seems to take on a yellowish cast, and I feel something is wrong somewhere. When I experience that, I’ve asked people if they’ve noticed it, and they don’t seem to know what I’m talking about. I will record those experiences in my journal from now on.

And, yes, I can go back and relive those experiences (the nudging and the scents that woke me up). They are forever etched in my memories. I will meditate and pray about them and hopefully find the answers.

By the way, I have been awakened a few times in my life by a wonderful, flowery scent like you described. I’m glad to know they are from the angels. I have had many experiences throughout my life that cannot be explained, as has my mother. But I won’t go into that now; it would fill a book. 🙂

Thank you again, Ama. I am so glad I can come here and get help.

God bless,


You are welcome, Brenda.

About the ‘cannot be explained’ stuff .. try us? We love explaining puzzles (AJ and the rest of the gang). 🙂

And we would love to hear your stories, anytime you want to share.

All is quiet in spooky land at the moment. We are in the process of renovating our kitchen (lots of fun 🙂 ) and apart from the usual thud on the roof (we have a possum), there are no spooks.

Love & Peace

Hi, I have had a very similar experience while visiting family. I have stayed in thi bedroom many times with no problem. This stay has been different. The first night I was here I put my I phone on the bedside table fully charged. I woke in the middle of the night to what felt like footsteps from a small dog on my bed. I though I was dreaming so ignored it and went back to sleep. A little while later I awoke to someone “rubbing ” my Lowe back. I was pretty freaked out and had a hard time going back to sleep. When I woke up the next morning my phone was completely dead. The next night I felt several nudges and a vibration on my back. Again I woke scared to death and began to pray. The third night I felt nudging as well as a weird sound like something was trying to communicate with me. I nudged back and said “stop it” and I was nudged even harder. I prayed turned the TV on and finally fell asleep.
My father in law just passed a month ago and my sister in law is very ill. Could this be a message or just something annoying me. Help. I’m terrified to sleep her!!

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