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Something Haunting My Child?

Since moving into our new house my little girl who is 3 has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming. After waking up screaming as usual, she said she was scared of the bunny in her room. She said he keeps popping up and asked her to go away with him. I’ve never heard her say anything like this before but she kept telling me every night from that point about this bunny. She even pointed to a very specific place in her room where she saw him.

A few nights ago she was sleeping in her room which is across from the living where I was sitting. I heard something moving quite loud in her room. I got up to check it out and begore I could get to her room she woke up screaming again. She slept with me that night and I continued to hear noises coming from her room.

Has anyone else’s child talked about a scary bunny? I’m really scared for her.

Asked by Allie

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Hi Allie,

Over the years I’ve heard stories similar to this one, though the ‘character’ or animal was different. In all cases, I suggest that people have their homes cleared. You can do this by either asking your minister from your local church to bless the house, or you could choose to go into her room and inform the ‘bunny’, politely, that it is not welcome in your ‘home’ and has to leave immediately. The third choice is to scroll down this webpage to the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home yourself. It is very effective.

The bunny could be a nature spirit (they are called elementals) that is very demanding. They are real and some of them like to dictate to small children. I don’t think you’ll have much trouble after the house is cleared. The elementals are usually harmless, apart from being bossy.

Love & Peace

When I was 5 or younger I had seen a family of creatures numerous times. I don’t know what they were but they were small and shared human features They would usually taunt me and I had an extreme fear that they would attack my hands. Decades later I still have some minor anxiety about the whole thing. As I remember I would see these things in the corner of the room and I would watch them as they taunted me. I would watch as long as I could then I would scream panicked until one of my parents would turn the light on and come into the room. I have no clue about the bunny or what that might be but I do feel there are unexplained things that happen to children that are very real to them. I found a story once where a celebrity actress mentioned the same thing I experienced in an interview. I always felt that what ever the things were that they do not like dogs because I did not see them after getting my first dog. I do not think adults can see these things if they are in fact real. I would just continue to take your daughter seriously until this passes because it is probably very real and terrifying to her.