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Smoke Alarm Falls Off Ceiling Day Mother Died

Hi, my mother died in the early morning hours on Dec. 11, 2011. I went to see her my last time, and on upon arriving home I found the smoke alarm was off the ceiling and lying on the floor. I left it there at least a couple weeks before putting it back up. It is the kind that is pushed on and twisted, so I tugged and made sure it was secure.

All was fine until a few weeks later, while in another room I heard a crash and kind of knowing, I went to find it was off again! I put it back up and secured it and tugged to make sure it was tight. Seems as that was the last time it happened.

My mom used to get mad every time if she was cooking the smoke alarms would accidentally trip. Any connection? Thanks

Asked by Rick

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Thats possible I suppose. We had a hundred year old regulator wall clock that kept perfect time. When my wife died, the clock quit running a few days later and I never could get it to work again. There may be a connection between a death in the family and things like that happening.

Hi Rick,

Do you live by a highway or a railway line? I have to ask to eliminate the ordinary before looking at the paranormal. Sometimes, once a plastic fitted item pulls free of its setting, it remains capable of wiggling loose again and can work its way undone because of subtle movements in the house. We had problems with a smoke detector that did that.

The next question has to be if you remember what you were doing, thinking or talking about when the smoke detector fell off the ceiling. If it was to do with your mother, it might have been her making her presence noticed. Usually there’s a cause for them making us aware of something ..

Love & Peace