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Shaking And Banging On My Door

First some background information: my family has lived in this 1963 rowhome in Northeast Philadelphia for a little over 20 years. Each night before I go to sleep, I lock my bedroom door. Since I was young, I frequently have very serious dreams ranging from premonitions, multi-layered false awakening, and graphic nightmares. On occasion I have experienced sleep paralysis. So, with that said, here is what is happening.

About two or three weeks ago, I went to my room, as usual locked my door, and laid down. About three to five minutes later, my door shook and jolted as though someone grabbed the handle and tried to get in. I having been watching horror movies because – Halloween – refused to even look and ignored the noise.

Many nights passed and nothing happened, then, about four nights later after having my normal routine pass and waking up, I find my door unlocked and not entirely closed. I write it off as a slip of mind by a tired me, partially forgetting the previous event.

And that leads me to last night. We had a small party and it was daylight savings, I didn’t get to bed until about 4am but went through my normal locking and laid down. Around 8am I was jolted out of my sleep from two pounding knocks on my bedroom door. I thought it was my family waking me up, but no knocks followed and I later found that no one was awake at that point.

I have tried every day explanation, and I have nothing. There is nothing in my home that can solve it – my three cats included. I have read dream meanings, to see if maybe that would help and they lead me to roads like a death in the family and to a revelation coming my way. I would love input and to know whether to be concerned.

Thank you in advance.

Asked by Ryan

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Hi Ryan,

I wonder what you were dreaming about, for the last two knocks. It is possible that you heard them in your dream state, just as you woke up, and brought them into the waking world that way, or was your door rattling from the pounding, something that you could really notice? The shaking that occurred two weeks before might suggest that you have a ghost in the house.

Do the cats give the appearance of noticing someone in the room with you when they are around? My cats seldom bother, even though my husband and I were discussing our current ghost last night. They just tend to lie in front of the fire dozing, regardless of what, or whom, is wandering over their heads from the study to our bedroom, or visa versa.

Are you keeping a journal of the events, and perhaps any dreams you remember that might relate to them? Remember to date every entry and write down everything you can remember about any of them, looking for similarities that might help give an explanation to why you only hear the knocks on maybe .. certain days of the week, certain times of day, certain dreams .. in the meantime look out for other types of paranormal events, like items going missing, or odder dreams than usual.

It is usually three knocks that is supposed to signify a death in the family, but perhaps only for people with Scottish heritage. As to a revelation, anything is possible. It would have to be something marvelous or tragic to fit the criteria.

Love & Peace

While I do not keep a journal, I have a rather miraculous memory of my dreams overall. The night of the knock, I clearly remember that I was dreaming about a field and there was no correlation to the knocking.
The shaking and pounding, came only a short time after I closed my door, which allowed me to easily identify where the source was, knowing it was on the other side of my door.
The cats are never in any of our bedrooms, however there is never anything imparticular that leads me to believe they are alerted to another being. For the past six years or so, the cats do at times seem alert to something upstairs, where our bedrooms are, but there is never anything imparticular there or any reason to see anything.
Something important to note is that all of this physical stuff started the past month. Though I have always had deep dreams for my entire life.

Hi Ryan,
I have read your post for a couple days now. I had a similar event growing up. It began to happen in 1983 through 1984. My mother bought this house new in the 60’s when she was very young as her brother developed the island and she got this beautiful beach house for almost nothing. It was on a small Island just off of Pass-a-Grill beach in St Pete Fl. My point is that with no prior home there I doubted a haunting. Being so young I didnt take into account the land having a long history of Native American usage of this Island. My father had died right about 4 yrs before then. I was home alone most all nights as my mother didnt finish work until around 4am each night/morning. She left each day at 2:30pm to start her shift at 3. She was the GM of an elite high end SeaFood restaurant near the beach. Next… the beach house had doors to the outside on each bedroom with a small shower head right outside each outter bedroom door so we could rinse off coming from the beach before entering the home. My experience was similar. I had been familiar with this home my whole life. Most of the time we rented it out and lived in the adjoining hotel rooms attached to our restaurant my father owned directly on the beach, then later we moved to WinterHaven. So after his death we ended up in the beach house again as it had no house payment. He owned this and another restaurant and was a musician and also a pilot. His death was hard for me. I became immediately closed off and in doing so I became far more social. I didnt realize that back then of course. But hind sight is 20/20 and looking back it is very clear now.
This is also a part of it because it explains my suppressed energy and grief and at that point it was 4 years suppressed. So at the time I moved into the front room of the house which was our den. Made it my bedroom. At night I turned on a radio station of Classical music to sleep to. I mean true classical Bache Bethoven etc. thats when it started. It was just once here and once there at first. The door leading outside someone knocked 2 hard blows then nothing. Later there was someone jiggling the knob as if to see if it were locked or not. All the while, as these things happened I would jump up and look out the window by the door to see each time noone was there.
Over time it became more regular and more aggressive to the point of violence. My cousin came in town and slept over with me and didnt believe I was telling the truth but that night it of course happened and she never slept in my house again. Friends refused to sleep over after experiencing it. Eventually I had to have a pad lock installed on the inside of the door with the big iron plate where it closes over the big loop that you place the pad lock on as if it were an outside lock. Finally it was so bad it would open the door and slam/bash the door with only the iron plate and pad lock stoping it from opening it. It began bending the plate to the lock and it cracked. my mother at this point told me that room has actually been a problem for activity sice she bought the home. I was upset she had never admitted it to me and actually was gaslighting me telling me it wasnt happening and I was dreaming in the beginning. Which only added to the anxiety at the time from not being believed. i eventually moved out of the room and to this day have never listened to classical music again. Noone ever slept in that room again. POINT TO MY STORY. i am not a big believer on someone supressed energy causing paranormal activity, but do believe it can be a trigger to basically wake and provoke other entities. I think my energy was doing that and combination of the coassical music which builds in climatic ways would increase my tension thereby further energizing and irritating something. I wanted to share this with you to hopefully give you some insights as to your own situation. Perhaps something in my experience will allow you to be open to an aspect of your experience that you had not paid much notice to before, or allow you to see that you have many different angles to explore and hopefully you can get to the bottom of this and soon!
Best wishes and I would also suggest sprinkling some salt water in the room, the windows, & especially the door way each evening.

Thank you for that input. Looking at it thru that lens, unfortunately, still leads me to wonder. This area was farmland before it was homes. And as far as we know nothing was here before that, native included – though I am considering talking to record keepers or local historian to find if that is true.
As for energies in the home, between the three of us living here, there may be some more negative energy than usual, but there have been periods in the past where there would have been much more. I would be curious as to whether neither of our neighbors have had anything happening or if this is just to our home. I also have not approached the family about any of it, trying to see if it is isolated to my bedroom first, before alarming them. It is an old and poorly built home, we have structural and electrical issues from time to time. But it doesn’t seem as to be that.