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Seeing Through Another Persons Eyes?

Seeing through another persons eyes? Visions of another room?

A few years back for the period of about 4 years I would close my eyes just to rest them. And I would just sit with my eyes closed and relaxed and I would see another room. I could see furniture and other normal bed room items. I could not really look around though.

I would be completely aware of the fact I was doing this and the second my eyes became un-relaxed the vision disappeared I had to be really focused on keeping my eyes shut because when I tried to look around in the vision sometimes I would open my own eyes.

I haven’t been able to do this for a few years and I try from time to time. I told a few guys I was friends with that I had these hallucinations and they joked that maybe I was looking though the eyes of old dead people in nursing homes.

Asked by Andrew

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Hi Andrew,

Were you in the same room, or a different room, each time this happened you rested?
Did you see the same room each time, as if you were revisiting?
Did you test the experience in different houses?

For a period of about three weeks, or longer, every time I closed my eyes I saw the Greeks and Macedonians trying to kill each other .. fancy helmets and all .. that happened no matter where I was .. except I was in Australia. Years later I found out that war was in August 338BCE. At the time I knew nothing but either culture. My theory was that I was being haunted by a few dead soldiers, as ghosts love to share the memories of their deaths with me. I identified them by their helmets in the end.

So if you’ll answer my questions first please?
Love & Peace

Hi Andrew,

This is what happens to me several if not most of the time with ghosts and other entities and when I have telepathic connections with others (alive or dead). I seem to have noticed it with ghosts the easiest though for now. I feel I am somehow in their heads looking from their perspective in their bodies and seeing through their physical eyes what they are seeing around them and going through. For me, I feel it is telepathy, but also mediumship a bit. For you it might be the same.

I was in different places throughout the world during that time period. During the time this was happening I could get to that state fairly easy by just closing my eyes and relaxing. I even remember doing it on a plane. I haven’t done it in awhile or more so haven’t been able to. I’m not completely sure it was the same place every time in my vision but like I said I was usually staring through someone else eyes in this state and in a bedroom laying down and I could see wooden bedroom furniture. One time it was like I was laying across chairs and all I could see was table legs. It honestly wasn’t very exciting other than it felt as if I were spying somewhere else. The person’s eyes who I stared through were always fixed in the same position and always alone. I never saw any pets or anyone walking by. The room was always lit with enough daylight to see what was in front of me. I couldn’t move in this state or look around to see more. I had a couple of other strange things happen before as well. I don’t know much about telepathy and I’m relatively sceptical about the occult but have had enough strange things happen to at least ask around and see if there’s others looking for answers. I had a dream about a year ago where I was shaken awake by a spectre I chased down in a dream and experienced sleep paralysis and was covered in sweat. I appreciate both of your responses.