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Recurring Nightmare Wakes Me Up Screaming

I keep having a strange nightmare that I wake up violently screaming from, need answers.

So I’ve been having this dream since as long as I remember, which is from the age of 2 years, I’m now 15, but that’s not the weird part, the weird thing is that I wake up screaming and violently thrashing and shaking, its hard to actually pinpoint what the dream is about as it is very long, though I do find a key familiarity with each bit I remember, strange colossal entities/masses crushing into smaller things on a long black line, and a soft unknown female voice that I’ve never heard whispering something, I can never remember what she says. I know it’s not a lot to go on but that’s as much as I can actual decipher from the nightmare.

Asked by Christopher

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Hello Christopher,

I had a dream for many years where I was terrified of a giant serpent wrapped around a church that was eating people as they ran away. The very last time I had it, I decided I had enough of being scared, picked up a sword and went back and killed the serpent. I never had the dream again, but it had haunted me for probably 10 years. Very symbolic of me empowering myself for later life, but very real every time I ‘lived’ through it.

I wonder if you are astral travelling to somewhere you probably shouldn’t be visiting? Do you know what that is? You can easily look it up on the internet.

In the meantime, at the bottom of this webpage is a link to White Light Shields. They are very easy to create and very good to use, to protect you from any paranormal problems. I suggest you read the pages .. there’s quite a bit of information on them, and they learn the shields and use them. And tell yourself, each night before sleeping, that you are NOT going astral travelling tonight. You’ll not there’s also a house shield that you can use to keep yourself in your home, rather than venturing into the unknown.

And hopefully that should calm things down. If not, there’s also a link to the Michael Invocation. Say it the way its written, to clear your energy. You are adult enough to do that now.

Any problems after that you can add here, or email me privately.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra