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Recurring Colorful Parade Of People From Woods

Recurring colorful “parade” of people from woods to lake :: Who are they?

During the summer and winter months from 1975-1979, I lived near the base of the Pyramid Point Dunes, part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Several times each season, I would wake to see a large band of people emerge from the woods. I was a child at the time.

The same elements were present with each recurring visit. I would wake up in the middle of the night to a very bright light shining through my window at the foot of the bed. There would also be a strong, damp woody smell. I’ve been trying to recreate it since, and it’s close to a combination of pine, pete, tamarack, and cedar. I was hit with the scent one other time while in the Adirondacks.

The bright light and smell meant they were coming soon. I was always excited — nervous/anxious but never scared. I would crawl to the foot of the bed and lean on the sill, watching the edge of the woods.

Soon, a long line of people (all ages) would come out of the woods. They were very happy; some were singing and laughing; others were dancing; the rest were simply smiling and walking. They would head straight toward my window, waving at me and motioning to come out and join them. I never questioned if they saw me. They all saw me.

Once each person reached my window, they would turn and walk up the three small steps below and march across the deck that lined the front of the cottage. At the end of the deck, they would walk down the other steps, turn, and head to the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan.

The people in this “parade” were made of brightly colored, geometric shapes. They were like three dimensional screen prints or woodcuts, but they looked very human, not cartoonish.

This area is considered to be sacred land with a strong Native history. It is also in line with the Manitou Passage and several sunken ships; some call it the freshwater Bermuda Triangle. Near the property, a family member once found the remains of an underground house used to shelter a handful of shipwreck survivors who made it to land during the winter.

I would love to hear thoughts from anyone who has a theory, similar experience, knowledge of area folklore, etc.

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Wow! What a story! It reminds me all those stories about gnomes, fairies, sylphs, brownies… They are happy to take you with them. But in that case you would disappear from our world.
Perhaps, you are one of them but you chose to live this life in this dimension on Earth as a human being. Just my guess 🙂