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Questions About Earth Energy

Can we take Mother earths energy freely at any time without negative consequences? If so, how do you do it?

I feel tired and drained most of the time so I was wondering if taking some energy from the earth might help me feel better.

If taking mother earths energy is not possible, where else can I take energy from that is healthy and ok to do that?

Is it helpful in my case with the tiredness to take energy from heaven?

Asked by Micle

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Hi Micle,

We all take energy from the earth every breath we take, every time we touch anything created by nature or humanity. There is no special way we have to do this, and the karma gained or repaid by our actions is entirely based on what we do with the energy. Dig a whole and plant a tree, good karma, dig a whole and plant a landmine, bad karma. Mother Nature does not judge, only we do.

Tiredness comes from having your energy running far too fast all the time. I know this because I do it too, so does my daughter. We have to learn to slow down and calm down and enjoy the flow of the seasons, of nature, and the quiet places. We have to find peace within, because that is the only way we will stop feeling tired all the time. Meditation is good, sitting under a tree in the quiet is good .. plugging music into our ears and ignoring the world is not, unless the music is soft and subtle, gentle and calming. The choice is yours.

Just remember to be grateful ..

Love & Peace

Dear Micle,

Remember to breathe. The breath holds life. One meditation technique focuses on your breathing, making it calm and peace, regular, gentle.

Another way to release extra energy is through imagination .. grab handfuls of it from your solar plexus chakra (tummy region) and put it into an imaginary bag and give it to your angels to transform into positive energy for someone else. The more you draw out the calmer you will become. Stop when you are ready.

Other forms of meditation teach about peace. Look them up on the internet. Being calm is a state of ‘mind’, a choice, just as being over-energetic is one also. I know this because I am that way often too. When I am I give the extra energy into the earth for its healing, or the healing of others. It’s a lovely sensation when the calm flows in.

Love & Peace


I will try to do more breathing techniques every day then. I will also try to do the imagination thing you mentioned more often as well. I’ll look up meditations online to do. 🙂 Thank you!

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