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Question About Ghosts Being Aware Of Other Ghosts

If there are two ghosts that haunt the same building but in areas a great distance apart or for example one ghost is in an upstairs room/area and the other ghost is in a downstairs room/area and they where thus not together would they still be aware of each others presence? (even though they would obviously not be able/possible to see each other?)

Asked by Ashley

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Hi Ashley,

The answer is yes, no and maybe.

They could come from different eras, one dead before the other, with years, decades or centuries between them. They could just haunt only certain areas within the building, so never meet each other. They could roam the whole building and never ‘see’ or ‘meet’ because a ghost is caught up in the memories of events that caused them to stay on our plane, rather than crossing over into heaven. You could think of it as being wrapped in a bubble of emotion that they cannot see out of.

On the other hand, they might meet for ghostly ‘coffee’ once in a while, as if friends who live on different floors of an apartment building. Or they could be aware that each is in the other region of the building, without any desire to meet. They are still human, they just don’t have their bodies anymore.

Why do you ask?

Love & Peace