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Precognitive Dreams About Fires

I haven’t been here for a while, but I’ve been wondering about something lately, and I see someone posted a similar question to mine.

Anyway, ever since I was very young I’ve had what I’ll call “fire dreams”. I have dreamed about fires in places that have had some sort of significance to me, then those places have soon burned down. It perplexes me because I don’t believe they’re coincidence and why would I have these kinds of “psychic” dreams about one type of incident only?

Any thoughts, or will this, too, go into my “Inexplicable” drawer?

Asked by Renirc

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Morning Renirc, Happy Easter Saturday 2013.

I just answered a private email about fire dreams. This is the dream meaning –

A fire means ‘extreme emotional intensity’. A house stands for our ‘mind’. Fire brigade ‘represents emotional self control’.’

What was actually in your dreams, the scenes you saw, rather than just the fire?

It could be a co-incidence that the places soon burn down. How long after the dream do they do so? You could be having precognitive dreams that are related to those locations, because you have an emotional connection to them .. or worse, if the fires were deliberately lit .. it might be someone who love who is lighting them, and you connect to their thoughts ‘before’ they actually light the match?

Love & Peace

The first one I remember having was that my aunt’s house burned down. I was very young at the time – no more than 6 or 7 years old, so emotional attachment, perhaps. I had dreams about my Jr. High school being “gone” for several nights in a row. In one, my friend told me we had to go to school somewhere else because ours was no longer there, and in another I dreamed that nothing was left of it except the gymnasium. The following Friday it was burned down, and the only thing left standing was, indeed, the gym. I dreamed of a fire in a grocery store I’ve always shopped at, and then a few days later the store was closed due to a small fire inside. And, another school burned a couple of days after I dreamed of driving by and it was no longer standing. As far as the arsonists? Two of the fires were accidental, and the ones that were deliberately set were done by people I’d never even heard of.

during first pahse of sleep there is a procedure in our eyes called rem(rapid eye movement).our cornea moves very fast in many directions….during this scientific phenomen we dream…accroding to theories dreams are the wishes or ambitions of our subconcious mind which may/maynot happen in real life….my advise to u is go behind god and science not after superstitions

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