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Portal Wall Or Black Hole On Earth?

Hi all. I’m Samantha. This is my first post here. Though I’ve had many paranormal experience spanning my entire life, as a sensitive and mild psychic, there remains one experience that I have no idea how to classify. Searching for similar experiences on the net has been fruitless.

A few years back my girlfriend and I were driving down a quiet back road at two or three a.m., both wide awake and sober, when we experienced a phenomenon that baffled us. Out of the trendline to our right moved a wall of blackness directly into the road ahead. This was no shadow, as there were no light sources other than our headlights in the vicinity. It appeared to move out of the treeline with only one visible side. It continued as far as we could see to the right and into the heavens. The side which advanced into the road was as straight as a razor blade and the edge was clearly discernable. We both noticed the wall simultaneously. She began to scream as it appeared unavoidable that we were going to crash at approximately 60 mph into wall. I panicked and my heart stopped for a moment but I was able to swerve into the oncoming lane to avoid the wall before it blocked the entire road.

As we neared the wall what we saw was not possible to my knowledge. The headlights did not bounce off or reflect from the wall. They did not penetrate or illuminate anything. They simply disappeared. The wall itself didn’t appear to be in the normal spectrum. It wasn’t black but rather seemed to be the very absence of light. You could feel it, like standing on the edge of a precipice. Like to touch it or pass the plane would be to fall forever. Yet at the same time it seemed massive and humbling, like it was more dense and massive than the world itself. After passing it it did not appear in my rear view mirror. We turned around looking desperately for it, for an explanation, for evidence it was ever there. We returned during daylight, time and again trying to figure out what we saw and nothing. I’m at a loss.

I don’t know what I saw or if anyone else has experienced the like. I want to talk about it to see if anyone has ideas I’ve not thought of or similar experiences. I’ve seen spirits from a young age. I’ve had many paranormal experiences over the years and they seem normal and natural to me. But this is something that doesn’t fit. Doesn’t seem natural. I welcome discussion. Thank you

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Hello Samantha!
First of all, WOW!!! What an incredible experience!!! Second, I have never had such an experience and can only throw out possible theories for you. However, I can say that what you encountered was definitely a portal of some sort. Black hole? Possibly, but I don’t know enough about them. A couple of things caught my attention; your description of the wall and the “feelings” you got from it. You described it as being the “absence of light and to touch it would be to fall forever.” It sounds like a world that is the exact opposite of ours. Could you have found a portal to an alternate dimension? Some might think, “a gateway to Hell” (although, myself, I only believe “Hell” to be a home for the demonic and not a place where human’s venture!) The gut feeling I got by your description was portal to alternate dimension, though. It sounds like a mirror opposite of our world, where ours is bathed in light and all it’s spectrums, this one was the very absence of light. Light is often viewed as “happy,” “Home” (as in where we go when we die)and all things positive; you, however, describe this “wall” as being on the edge of a precipice as if to touch it or go through would mean falling forever. That sounds very dark, dismal, and bleak; opposite of ours. It could have been, that at that very moment in time, our world and that one was aligned and the portal appeared before you. My guess s, had you crashed or collided into that wall, it would have not been a crash but you may very well have passed through. There have been many a scientist who have theorized about these so called dimensions! I would love to learn more about it!!! Maybe I will research alternate dimensions and get back to you with more info! This is a great topic for discussion!!! Thank you for sharing!! Luna T

Hello Samantha,

As Luna was saying, there are places in the world where one dimension touches one another in a natural way, or where tears happen which form a rift. If it is a stable (linking from the other side) rift or vortex, it might move around the planet on this one.

There was nothing in what you wrote that seemed particularly negative, apart from the whole strangeness of the situation. If nothing else has happened since then, and you haven’t tried to repeat the experience (which I really don’t recommend), I think you are just going to have to add it to your book of ‘strange but true’ stories to marvel your friends.

You haven’t described what scientists say black holes are like – which is basically a giant suction dragging everything incredibly slowly into the core, and crushing it to nothing .. but your description does give me a great desire to stand on the edge, spread my wings, and fly. Each to their own reaction. 🙂 I am glad you were not swallowed.

Love & Peace