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My mama is a Siamese/identical twin. At birth she was the only surviving twin. Her twin was stillborn. They were conjoined at the back of the head and at base of lower spine.

My question is … every photo of my mom shows a cloudy imagery always around her head,shoulders, neck area, as I’ve studied many of these photos its almost as if its something like a protection or someone around her. I wonder if this cloudy imagery is her twin brother?

Asked by Kristal

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I am not sure if the cloudiness is the twin staying close it is possible but what i DO KNOW IS THAT HER TWIN COULD NOT HAVE BEEN A BROTHER–conjoined twins or one egg that has been fertilized splitting into to form and identical twin and when the process of seperation fails they are conjoined so her twin would have been a sister !

My mama was told by her parents that she was a twin connected at the head and they told her it was a boy her twin and he passed away at birth. I dont really notice a face persay in the fotos but i see hands and cloudy figure almost like swirled around her as if holding her. Its syrange i know. Y could her twin not be a boy ?

Hi Krystal,

As Jeanette explained, conjoined (joined together) twins are always the same sex, so unless the child was not actually joined, it was not a boy.

If my mother had a ghost hanging around her I would certainly make sure her energy was cleared and the ghost allowed to cross into heaven. At the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation that she can use to help the trapped soul. It will also help her, if she suffers from sad or angry emotions. The instructions are on the webpage.

Love & Peace

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