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People In My Room

I would be lying in my bed in a sleep… but be woken up by when women in like old still maybe 50 maybe mill workers but they were speaking all at once, couldnt make out what they were saying… but I could see them like a blue print if you understand, seeing every line and crease in their faces and teeth.

I also have people sitting on my bed. You probably think I’m crazy.

Asked by Anne

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Hi Anne,

Welcome to my world. The stories I could tell you about being woken at night by ghosts of everyone from small children to ancient people who should have long crossed over into heaven, are multitude. You are not crazy, you have a gift called ‘mediumship’.. that means you can talk to dead people, and when they find someone who can, they want to be noticed.

I know I do this a lot, but I do recommend you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and take a copy and keep it for clearing yourself and your home, if you ever do feel too haunted. I do that regularly, since this house can sometimes feel like a ghost railway station .. and the White Light Shields will help as well.

Love & Peace

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