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Paranormal Feelings Through TV?

Can you feel paranormal or energies through mediums like live TV or recorded TV?

I think I might be sensitive.

Asked by Randal

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Short answer, Randal .. yes.

Before I retired I would ‘read’ people’s energy from emails and objects and letters. (I can still do all this, I just choose not to most of the time). Its a form of psychometry, but I didn’t need to touch the object to be able to do it. I ‘seal’ (close) the screens of my computer because I could feel the flood of energy from real time conversations on chat programs, or from webpages created by good, and not good, people. The emotion of newsreaders, people they interview, onsite reports, can affect my emotional body .. so I now avoid the news, anything too dramatic, such as horror, or even some paranormal, programs. The ghost hunting ones are fun, particularly as I can ‘see’ the ghosts people are looking for during their activities that are recorded on video. The question ‘is anyone there’ usually makes me laugh, either because there is a ghost, or their isn’t and the living are just hopeful.

The more you practice, or are aware, of the energy coming from the screens the stronger it might affect you .. so a simple protection is to place a crystal in front of the monitor of the computer, between the keyboard and the screen, and one in front of the tv .. clear quartz absorbs energy, so does rose quartz .. actually most of the quartz family does .. and they all need clearing from time to time .. so put them out under the full moon each month, after you turn off the tv. Or you could close the screens with a symbol such as the Christian Cross, Reiki’s choku rei (symbol for opening and closing) or some other symbol that acts as a form of protection for you.

That being said, what have you been experiencing?

Love & Peace

It is possibly for example I tend to feel in most cases if something is real lots of time feel this certain type of feeling that indicates to me that it’s not a hoax that what they’re saying is true it doesn’t happen always even then but it happens especially if what ever is with them is there during the live performance or recording at that part