Sleep Paralysis

Paralysis Shadowy Figures And Weird Things

Sleep paralysis, shadowy figures and weird things happening around me

had sleep paralysis a few months back for the first time. I was sleeping in my room …after studying was around 12 in the afternoon. Suddenly I woke up and couldn’t move my body .I could see and hear everything but couldn’t move . I began panicking. Suddenly the room turned dark then into a greenish reddish color , then when I looked to my left I saw a black shadow figure with red glow and a one glowing red eye(I think it was an eye) just standing next to my body and just staring at Me. I was so scared. It stood there for a long time and stared at me. I began to feel like it was not going to harm me , more like protecting me. Then it slowly raised its hand and grabbed my hand which was on my stomach and lifted it up and kissed it. Then it gently placed it on my stomach again.then it stared at me and disappeared . the room turned back to its normal color and I began to panic again as I still couldn’t move.. Then I began to pray and finally could move my hand and then the rest of my body. I shot up from bed feeling drained of my energy for some reason and when I try to stand I almost fell down. I was feeling dizzy and all

I looked up on the internet and found I had sleep paralysis and it haven’t happened again until yesterday night.

I was sleeping having a dream that oddly consisted of Lucy hale being my friend , it started out as a normal dream , normally I can’t remember my dreams but this I remember at least bits and pieces of it, anyway in the middle I suddenly found my self on my bed and I couldn’t move , first I thought its just another sp episode but then I suddenly got scared , I tried screaming but my voice wouldn’t come out and there was a shadow figure at my feet grabbing my legs, in my dream I cud see and remember every faces but this was the only person who was blurry and just shadowy , I panicked I started to try to get up but then when I did try I felt only my soul was getting up and my body was left behind and half way through that I felt myself getting pulled back in to my body, then my sister woke up in the middle of it all, it was hard to stay awake like something was pulling me back in to the dream, I stood up , still sleepy and walked in to my parents room and got on their bed and slept next to my dad(always do that when my sister wakes me up too early, dad always let’s me sleep in) as soon as I lied down , I was back in the same dream and that’s a rare occurrence for me to have the same dream twice a day and I was back in my position paralyzed , I dont remember much …its like a blur I remember panicking and trying to scream.. And the shadowy figure was still next to me staring at me i think it was smirking or something i couldn’t see but somehow i knew like it was saying that theres no use screaming no ones going to come.Then my sister woke me up and again I felt the pull …that something was pulling me back in to the dream. This time I forced myself to wake up and I went and took a bath

The two shadowy figures were different the one from my first sp episode scared me at first but I knew it wouldn’t hurt me but the second one…I didn’t feel like that in fact I was really scared and I had my 2nd sp episode in the middle of a dream ..I didn’t knew it was possible

I’m not surprised though…weird things always happen around me

Like I know when someone’s feeling sad or hiding something I can feel their emotions sometimes its hard to distinguish my emotions from others because of that I’m highly emotional and I can also know certain things are going to happen , not like seeing visions but I know its gonna happen , its somewhat like vision as I can’t control it and I get certain feelings when at certain places like I know its not a good place and I know I have to leave and I always get this feeling before something bad is going to happen and sometimes I feel some one else presence .

Please tell me what’s wrong with me.

I can’t talk to anyone most of my friends call me weird and they say its just my imagination..

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I have done some of this most of my life picking up on feelings of others or knowing by instinct or discernment something is going to happen ! Mine has increased since my two emergency surgeries two weeks apart and they let my blood count drop way too low for weeks and during the two surgeries–things have increased. I have learned some call it empath maybe so I call it a gift of discernment and insight you can choose to rebuke in the name of Jesus Christ and not allow anything that is not a gift or warning for you away from you.

Sleep Paralysis is rather common.When you sleep, your brain paralysis the body so you will not act out your dreams during sleep. It allows the body also to do it’s own ” system checks” . What has happened to you was you,in the simplest form, is your awareness beat your brain to the punch. You became aware or partly awake before your brain sent the stimulus to ” turn on” the rest of your body.It is frightening, and have had it happen several times. Stress,confusion on life issues,physical fatigue as well as mental fatigue. Can be contributing factors.
The shadowy figures: One hypothesizes is that you were alert, but still partly asleep. this would contribute to seeing a shadowy figure and you brain make sense of the sleep paralysis. Kind of like daydreaming. Second: look for things in your environment that make a low pulsing tone.Like Ceiling fans, floor fans,or curtains around an open window. These things can create something called infra sound. It is a base tone to low to be heard by the human ear but can implement effects on our bodies. Infra sound can apply pressure to the outer cortex’s of your eyes. The pressure will cause a showy figure to appear. Most out of the corner of your eyes, but can place in your line of sight ,or so it will seem.
As for you intuition. you have a high sense of awareness to your environment.Many things you feel, are a disruption in yours. Also you pick up on things that others would not even notice. So do don’t think there is something wrong with you.Before you thing you are being followed by an entity, look into these factors first. Most haunting’s are debunked by environmental Cause and effects. Shadow figures / shadow people do exist. I photographed one that was seen frequently by several people. I have also meet hundreds of actually “gifted people”. I investigated a paranormal sight for ten years, recorded amazing things. took millions of picture, ungodly amounts of video, and evp’s.I have been shoved, hit, pulled out of bed an down the hall, and had things fly across the room. Everything was put to the test, before it was listed as actual activity from another entity. Hope some of this helps. You can contact me at if you have any questions. Ill do my best to give you ways to test things to dismiss of make is sound proof of activity.