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Opportunistic Ghost?

Is it at all normal for a human shaped ghost to manifest after a pet has died of natural causes in the home?

I’ll preface this question with a few details. First, we had four cats. Two have passed away of old age in the home without any sort of paranormal complications arising from the situation. Second, prior to this happening we used to joke about for years about a goblin in the house when things would either go missing or would seemingly fall for no reason.

Our last remaining cat finally passed away at the age of 23 of kidney failure. After she was gone, for 2 months afterwards we experienced a surge of activity related to her. We would hear her purring. We would see a glimpse of her passing us in the hall. We would think we would see her laying down somewhere. Then after that time it trickled to a stop and we didn’t have any more experiences.

What started happening afterwards was far scarier. We started hearing shuffling at night. It sounded like someone ruffling through our things. Then it progressed to someone walking around in our kitchen and living room area in the middle of the night. Checking never found anyone. A few months passed and my mother, who had owned the cat that passed away, woke one night to find a man standing over her bed. She said he was dark. Like he had been draped in shadows. He would stand there for hours, not quite looking at her. Then the noises during the day started. Things started moving out of the corner of our eyes. Then the whispers in our ears, like someone’s trying to get your attention. But nobody was ever there.

We finally, out of desperation, tried walking through the house with a stick of sage and a prayer. That seemed to to the trick for now. Though we still hear and see a few small things. But we’re moving in the next six months, so it doesn’t matter much.

So back to my question. Is it at all normal for a human shaped ghost to manifest after a beloved pet has passed away in the home? Is it just an opportunistic ghost? Or something else?

Asked by Rhonda

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Any thing is possible. I myself have see movements in the house I live in now. Something went down the basement fast. It was dark clothing or what ever. Wasn’t my cat because its a yellow cat. The lights were on. No body else cause they were upstairs. One of these days I will see it again. And some times sence something near but I dint know and smell cigarette smoke sometimes close by me. Hasn’t happened just in this house either. No body in my house smokes. But I have had relatives who have smoked. Maybe its them I don’t know.

Hi Rhonda,

Let me think .. the last spirit animal was Boo (her real name was Juno). She was white. My husband was her person, and after she lost the battle with the snake .. just over a year ago now .. she hung around the house for weeks, and still occasionally drops by, but not so much now that we have Ellie kitty to keep Charlie cat happy. We got Ellie because Charlie was fretting himself to pieces. The joy on his face when he saw we had got him a kitten was wonderful .. now they are mischief personified .. and he’s over 16 years old now.

Before that there was Gus the dog, who, when he was alive, watched Meg the cat (who we had just buried under the apricot tree a few days beforehand) wander through the kitchen and up the hall. I looked at him, he looked at me .. we both looked at her .. and went back to doing whatever we were doing at the time. A few months later he followed her, and we buried him close to her, and that night he went to sleep on my foot as usual, snoring loudly .. and I left my foot there, because he always slept there when he was alive .. so I wasn’t going to disturb him as both my husband and I were grieving for them both. He hung around for at least three weeks, noisily, before finally gently letting go .. and then we moved house. They both dropped in here once, but that was all. We know they love us.

Before that there was Cinnamon, another grey cat, who curled up behind my knees the night I buried him in the backyard, and purred us both to sleep. And Lucy cat who haunted two healing centres for many years, much to the bemusement of my varying clients – so long stories short, yes, they do stay around for a while to help us get over losing them.

As to human ghosts. It hurts when we lose someone we love, and the emotion that pours out of our bodies is often grief, anger, fear and love. The negative emotions will draw a ghost to the household, and it will hang around as long as those emotions are predominant in the energy of the house. Calling them opportunists is a good descriptions. They should not be house guests, and they are just leaches .. in a sense they inhale the energy we produce and its not healthy for anyone.

What I would recommend you do is to either have your house blessed by your local Minister, or scroll down to the link to the Michael Invocation that you will find below, and use that to clear anything or anyone that is hanging around you and your family. Don’t leave them to be a problem for the next people that have your house. The instructions are on the webpage.

Love & Peace

Hi Jim,

I suggest you use the Michael Invocation to clear your home too. I am sure there’s a smokers section in heaven if necessary .. and whomever is hanging around you should be there, not here ..

Love & Peace