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Nightmares And Paranormal Activity

I’ve been having nightmares every night for the past nine months. It started when I began noticing little things around me change. I lost my best friend to cancer three years ago last February, and last summer (around the time I started noticing things change), I decided to try and talk to him. I was desperate and needed to know he was there. I started talking to the air, meditating, practicing little spells I found online. I looked into white magic and mediums and psychics: anything, just so I could talk to David again. It was around that time that I started giving up on the light stuff and wanted to go deeper: I pulled out a Ouija board I had found in the attic a few years before and decided to settle this. I was going to talk to him.

Nothing seemed to happen when I did the ritual. I was by myself, yes, but I followed everything from greeting to ending the ouija board ritual to the T. I was let down, but I didn’t know what I expected. I started noticing little things change shortly after like lights flickering, cold spots in the room, the feeling of a presence, hearing small distinguishable sounds like footsteps/coughs/whispers, but never being able to pinpoint where they were coming from (as if they were coming from my own head). I thought it was him trying to talk to me. I was elated.

But then the nightmares started. Horrible, vivid nightmares of death, abandonment, blood, drowning, stabbing, cutting, screaming, murder, fear, helplessness, pain, suffering, hate. All of the terrible things in the world you can imagine, stuffed into night after night of waking up in a cold sweat, convincing myself it wasn’t real.

Besides the small things I notice during the day (e.g. shadows out of the corner of my eye, the sounds/presences/cold spots I was hearing and feeling, general paranoia, etc), the nightmares have been the worst and biggest indicator of them all. My religions teacher noticed something off about me when she saw the bags under my eyes, and gave me a pendent of the Virgin Mary to “protect me”. She had no idea what was going on, but I feel like she felt something. I knew she felt something around me, and from the minute I put the pendent on, I felt a heaviness in my chest. As if something in my body didn’t want any religious article on my person.

The nightmares are relentless and only get worse with time. The more I notice what’s going on, the more it happens. I’m frightened. Was it because of the ouija board? Did I bring something evil into my life? What is happening to me? Will the nightmares get worse? How do I stop this?

I feel as though I brought something into my life. Not necessarily from the Ouija board, but from somewhere. I don’t know. Something is around me, near me, in me, I don’t know. But it speaks to me through nightmares, subtle images out of the corner of my eye, paranoia, and my fears. I’m so afraid, and I think whatever is doing this to me thrives off of my fear. Someone please help me figure out what this is.

Asked by M Kathy

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Hello M Kathy,

I have been off the internet a lot for the past week thanks to a fault at my service provider, so I have not been able to answer this message until now.

Yes, ghosts, and other negative entities, talk to us in dreams. I am a Spirit Rescuer/Medium who deals with ghosts – lost and broken souls that have not crossed into heaven. They often share their memories with me, of painful deaths, events in their lives, and of their fears. Some might trigger my own, some I instantly recognise don’t belong to me – so I wake up and look for the ghost, and some I realise are trying to frighten me, in which case I ask for help from the angels to ‘remove’. We can all ask for that help.

The ouija board is a nightmare in a pretty wrapping. It connects to the void, a place between heaven and earth that we cross over when we astral travel, or when we die. After death it is a place we can get caught in before we get to heaven, where we become ghosts. The lost, lonely, frightened, frightening and just plain nasty entities exist there – which is why I recommend you destroy the board. Tear it up and burn it. Do not give it away, or put it away, thinking that will stop the problem. Turn it to ashes, quietly and quickly.

If the nightmares have not settled by now, I would suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link though to the Michael Invocation, and use it, as its written, to clear your energy. There is also a link to White Light Shields. Learn them and use them too. That should take care of the problems .. if not .. write to me directly. There’s a link to my webpages under ‘Friends’ (bottom of the webpage) and I will clear your energy myself. You’ll find my email address on my webpages.

Love & Peace