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Nightly Knocking

My Fiance and I live on an Indian Reservation, and superstition/traditions run pretty deep in the community. My fiance has been targeted in the past by “bad medicine” from a particular family. As a result he had to undergo an amputation of one of his toes.

A few months ago, he was running into some very bad luck and I had been sensing a negative presence in our home. I performed a blessing/smudging of the house and a spell of protection on him (without is knowledge of doing so) and the negative force seemed to have left and along with it his bad luck.

A few weeks ago, he started telling me that at night when I was not home, he had been hearing knocking in the kitchen (he would get under the blankets) and then it would move into the bedroom and knock, until he would click on the light on our headboard, after which it would stop.

Recently, he has started to hear it even when I am home, while I am asleep (I am a very hard sleeper, and he wakes up frequently to use the bathroom). The most recent time was when I was just falling asleep, and he got up to use the bathroom. When he came back he told me “Cory! Wake up! It’s knocking at me again!”
I have never heard the knocking that he has been talking about these past weeks, but I also don’t think that hes lying, as he is genuinely frightened.

I am not Native American, but he is and a member of the tribe.

I have asked several friends of mine hear and they tell me that “it is probably ancestors trying to communicate with him, and that they probably want something. Most of the time burning an offering of tobacco and your dinner will set them to rest. You not hearing it means that it is meant for him to hear.”–but I don’t know if I’m convinced that will work.

My Fiance and I will knock on hard surfaces during the day/evening to mess with our dog, and I’m afraid that it may be mimicking us. In my experience, knocking is not a good thing–something to be very weary about. I did a deep blessing/smudging of my house last night but i’m afraid that it may not be enough.

Any advice/wisdom?

Asked by Cory

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Hi Cory,

What you can try doing is wrapping a personal shield around yourself, then a house shield around your home. Then, clear your energy and clear the energy of your home. To do all of that, go to the bottom of the page here where it says “Pages” and click on, “White Light Shields” and then “The Michael Invocation”. Do them both and try the shields out every day. If you have trouble using your imagination, you can simple ask Archangel Michael this, “Archangel Michael, please put White Light Shields around me now.”

The shields will prevent any negative entities from entering anymore into your space where you place the shields, so if you place the shield over your home, a ghost, for example, won’t be able to enter it, for as long as the shield lasts.

The Invocations are just a request to the angels to clear your energies and the energy of your home.

Ancestors from Heaven (from the other side, those who have gone through healing and are healed and at peace) would never scare anyone or bring on anything negative to anybody, especially their own family members.

I lived in a house that after some time, I began hearing knocking in the bedroom when I tried to sleep. I moved to the living room and it didn’t take long for the knocking to follow.
The best I could think of was, at least at this house, there must have been som tragedy that had happened in the past and the spirit/negative emotions had remained.
The man who was living with me was a very negative person and I really believe his presence also made the spirit/entity/whatever come to life.
Try sage smudging the house and property. Also find some blessed oil and make the sign of the cross over every doorway and window, inside and out.
Honestly, in my opinion, if this continues, leave, move out. If you cannot get rid of the knocking, it will get worse.
No place haunted like this is worth staying in.
Best of luck and blessings.

Hello Cory,

Is there a shaman or wise person in your partner’s tribe that he can discuss the situation with? I agree with your frends that it might be the ancestors wanting to get in touch with the man .. or it could simply be some wandering ghost who latched onto him, or the house .. in which case, as recommended, the Michael Invocation should take care of the problem.

If it continues, contact this site again and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Love & Peace