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My Brother-In-Law Disappeared Then Reappeared?

I was recently at my nieces wedding and we had got to the part of speeches, the table I was on was in front of the top table, my brother In law, my sister, bride and groom etc sat there, one by one the speeches were done, a friend of the grooms was sat on a table to the right of me and he stood up to say a few words, whilst he was talking I glanced at the top table and my brother in law wasn’t there?

I thought that odd considering the situation, and turned to my son to ask, where had he gone? But I didn’t want to talk as it would have been rude, when I turned back to look at the top table again, my brother in law was sat there! I didn’t see him leave or return, I felt very odd and confused.

Later I asked his wife who he was sat next to if he had left the top table during the speeches, he had not moved apparently, but I definitely saw his empty chair, what on earth had happened?

By the way I don’t drink and I didn’t imagine he had disappeared…

Asked by Sarah

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Hi Sarah,

I wonder how hard your brother-in-law was wishing he could vanish. Have you asked him? He might have got what he wished for, if only for a moment. 🙂

Or it might have been a trick of your eyes, which sometimes does happen.

Love & Peace