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Mirror Falls And Breaks On Its Own Is It Paranormal?

My fiancé and I just moved into a house with our 4 month old son. We have both had weird feelings since moving in (3 weeks ago,) and usually in our bedroom. I wake up every morning anxious, and smell a nasty smell that almost burns my nose.

The previous tenants had left a long mirror in the bedroom, so I decided to take advantage of it and hang it across from our bed in our room. Tonight he was reading on his phone in the dark, and I was in the kitchen. I heard a loud crash. When I went to investigate the sound, the mirror was on the ground face down with the top half perfectly cut and shattered. The creepy part is that he told me he heard it break BEFORE it fell. I Googled it, and I saw the old superstition that if a mirror falls and breaks on its own, that a person in the house will die soon. That creeps me out even more!

Does any of this sound paranormal?

Asked by Andrea

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Hi Andrea,

Old mirrors .. we have one in our bathroom that I would love to toss in the bin, but my mother loves it .. so it stays. It’s long and thin and not very flattering.

I would not have a mirror in the bedroom for any reason, given that they can be a door for paranormal activity .. but yours, just sounds like its old and fell off the wall when it broke. No matter how hard people try, glass gets fracture points in it over time, and will suddenly ‘snap’, and that jolt will make it fall off whatever it is hooked to on the wall. So I don’t think that part was paranormal .. but the creepy feeling might be, so I suggest you do one of a few things 1) ask your minister, if you go to church, to come and bless your home, or 2) ask a medium to come and talk to whatever ghosts are there and cross them into heaven .. or 3) scroll to the bottom of this page and use the Michael Invocation to clear yourself, your son, and ask your fiancée to clear himself; then use it to clear the house. That should settle everything down. The instructions are on the webpage.

Love & Peace


I’ve head that a mirror placed at the foot of the bed actually ‘startles’ your spirit as it leaves the body to travel to the astral plan.

Don’t know if that’s true and never tried it to find out – lol!

I’ve had mirrors to the side of the bed in bedrooms before as well as on the same wall as the bed head, in the past. Not had one in our current bedroom for the past 10 years due to lack of room.


Superstition is that breaking a mirror is supposed to mean seven years bad luck, but if that were true, I’d be having bad luck for the next 49 .. nope. 🙂

Belief can control us, but only if we let it.

But I still go around the ‘close’ all the mirrors in my house. LOL

Love & Peace

I’d have a life full of back luck too, Ama, if the 7 years bad luck thingie were true 😉



I have wondered too about mirrors. I have mirrors on my closet doors that cover one side of my bedroom wall. Could that be one of the reasons I have nightly visitors?


Hi Andrea

How old are you?

I’ve been waking up feeling anxious for the past 6 months, but with me it’s menopausal. But, with you it might be a hormone imbalance since the birth of your child?

Your anxiousness might be a throw-back from the trauma’s of moving. Moving home is very stressful after all. And given you’ve recently given birth, it may have had an effect on you physically?

The nasty smell – drains? dry rot? rodent fescues?

Does your fiancé get the same anxious feeling and nasty smells up his nose too?

Given that you’ve just moved in and, these experiences have only been since you’ve moved in, there is a possibility that you’ve got a ‘house-guest’ of the ‘dead-beat’ variety. So it would do no harm, and might do some good, going with Ama’s suggestions. But, you might also want to consider the possibility that your experiences are on more of a physical level. So, maybe go and chat with your doctor as well, just in case it is stress related or hormonal.


Ahh.. menopause symptoms .. when do they stop!

I agree with AJ, Andrea .. go talk to the doctor and get yourself checked out. Won’t do any harm. We are still suffering pregnancy hormones up to 9 months after the birth, and they can make life almost as weird as menopause ones.

Love & Peace

I am trying to sell my house and an antique mirror that belonged to my partner’s grandmother just fell off the wall yesterday and broke. We are showing the house and someone was to come and look at the house that day. I have explained to the house that we appreciate all of the years that it has kept us safe, warm, and dry. That we will make sure that someone that will love it will be the new owners. Any other suggestions. I have also told all the animal spirits that are there, that we will be sure to have them come if they want.

Hi Linda T,

I would use the Michael Invocations and smudge both homes with white sage. I would also ask Archangel Michael to find all of those animal spirits and take them into healing. That’s just in case any of them are ghosts, you really would not want a ghost problem later on. If any of the animal spirits are actual spirits, and not ghosts, meaning they have crossed over into Heaven, then their home is Heaven and they can visit any place on Earth at any time as they wish. No need to ask them to tag along, they will visit when necessary.

Some home’s sometimes feel like they have their own personalities, though that might be down to an individual perspective because of the energies left behind on the walls and objects in the home by other people. Some people that can sense these energies have the gifts called “clairsentience” and “psychometry”. It is really cool to see what information you can pick up from someone’s keys or an envelope.

Hi Linda,

There is really not enough information in what you wrote to say for sure why the mirror fell off the wall. Did you see it happen? If you did, did it rise up before it leapt off, or did it simply just fall, hook and all? Or did you find it on the floor when you came into the room. You see, there might be a non-paranormal reason, such as loosening of hangers, or friction over time .. I’ve had that happen once in a while.

In the meantime, why do you think the two events are connected? If they are, it could be that your partner’s grandmother is not happy with you selling ‘her’ house (even though its yours), but it might be more likely that she was trying to tell you to be more observant, or think twice (reflect), before either selling, or letting whichever visitors into the house that came that afternoon, or any other strangers.

I also invited my two animal spirits to come to the new house when we moved. They did, but briefly. In four years we’ve gained two more. It’s not good for human energy to be haunted by anything, so hopefully they might drop by, not stay long, and just remind you that they know where you are, and love you .. and then they’ll go back to playing with their friends on the Rainbow Bridge .. until its your time to cross and collect them on your way Home.

If you do want more information, I would like to know more about the paranormal activity that is ‘normal’ in your home.

Love & Peace

I have a wall vanity w/3 mirrors, the middle cabinet with mirror on its hinges was open some. Next thing I heard then saw was the middle mirror came flying off smashing to the floor! I am spooked! Having some health issues and work is not happy i am sick…is this a sign? Help please =^..^=

My roommate has a table with a mirror on top of it recently it’s cracked a couple times by itself, the last time she was straighten her hair nothing was touching mirror, she watched it crack then the piece flew up and into her lap. I’m pretty sure there’s a lost soul in my house… I hear undistinguishable conversations and music when I’m in my room, as soon as I walk out I can’t hear it anymore. I talked with a friend of mine she said there’s something attached to me and following me, what’s in the house isn’t bad just lost but she’s worried about a night spirit that’s around me

I was cleaning today and my aunts son left a mirror sitting on top of a sofa baleced to the wall. So when I was cleaning i forgot to remove it as, i I was sweeping the floor i then wanted to adjust the mad umder the sofa as i do that the mirror fell off & broke. I’m scaref & looking for answers & i’m paranoid now i can’t even do anything, I literally stopped everything.

Hi Sandile

Did the mirror fall before you adjusted the mat, or because you did? Did you bump the sofa as you reached down? Did you touch the cushions on it? Mirrors, particularly in frames, or often top heavy and will fall over very easily. There’s no reason to be scared about this. The old wives tale about 7 years bad luck is a load of nonsense. We create beliefs like that by ours, so quit worrying and get back to your normal life.

If you want to, if you have a particular God that you honour, go to the church or temple and tell him or her, and let them take your worry away. You had no intention of doing harm – accidents simply happen.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi. I had a mirror that was just sitting on top of the piano. I only got it fitted to the wall yesterday evening but told the guy that fitted it that i would rather a nail than a plalstic hook that was previously there. So he hung mirror on it. Few hours later when i was in the room the mirror fell from the wall hit the piano and dropped to the ground with the plastic hook broken also. Definitely by accident as i was there in the room. Im abit superstition. But i no it was just an accident. So i have nothing to be worried about have i? Rgds Arthur