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Roughly 10 years ago my uncle had visited Dominican or Barbados (not sure of which but very easily could find out), while on his trip he had purchased a figurine of a lady in a deep forest green dress with light pick flowers on it, the figure has no face and is painted a very tan completion. She is wearing a  sun hat in the exact pattern of the dress  and her hands are in front of her holding a small bouquet of flowers the same colour of the flower details on her dress. My uncle had purchased the figurine as a gift for my grandmother (his mother) as she’s a pretty big royal daulton collector and he thought it would be a unique piece for her cabinet.

To be honest it was no big deal, another piece of porcelain in the cabinet to the rest of the family, but as time past my Nana and Papa began to notice the figure facing the back of the cabinet instead of being displayed face on. After questioning each other about the figurine they had blamed it on their youngest son who lived in the basement apartment and had access to the house (he would have been late thirties at this time). After moving the figurine back to its original position my grandparents had simply brushed off  the incident and carried about their normal lives.

It wasn’t until about a week later that my papa had noticed that the figurine had rotated the full 180 degrees to face the back of the cabinet again (which is mirrored by the way). He simply moved the figurine back to its original spot.

It wasn’t until many months had passed that my grandparents realized that it wasn’t anyone in the house moving the figurine, as time went on the movements became more  and more random.  For weeks on end the figure of the woman would stand still , and then one morning my nana would come to the living room and find her turned around.  This happened for years.

Most of family just thought my grandparents were becoming senile and we would joke about them awaking in the night just to move the lady.

It wasn’t until about 2010 when I began to believe  that perhaps something or someone was trapped within the figurine.  It was a weekend evening and I was spending the night at my grandparents house (I literally live a block away from my grandparents so this was a pretty normal occurrence.

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That evening I took my usual spot on the couch in the living room, the cabinet where the figurine is kept sits at the other side of the room parallel to the couch. Everything was normal and the figurine was in its proper position facing forward toward the window. That morning I awoke to find that the figurine had turned but she didn’t complete the 180 degree spin, she had only made it 45 degrees which put her directly facing where my head had been laying on the couch. I didn’t know what to think, was it watching me? No it has no face. Could it be looking over me? Could there be another presence in the house? Many questions have been tosed around in family chats and dinners as we’ve now all witnessed leaving her in one spot and finding spun around. A couple years ago from today my nana rearranged the items in the cabinet moving the figurine of the woman to another shelf this one with a couple of Korean figures my father had brought back to her. The shelf she had been on originally still homes the clay figure of ‘the witch’ as my nana calls her she looks kind of like a elderly homeless woman with raggedy clothing and a sack of straw on her back. Ever since moving the figurine to the shelf with the Korean figures she’s never spun again.
Could it be a scientific reason that she’s moving? Or do these items act as hosts for spirits left behind? None of us are sure what to think and we really don’t pay much mind to any of it. But just curious to see if anyone has had any experiences like this?

Hi Melissa,

Do you get a lot of vibrations through your home .. is it on a main road, or over or near railway lines? Have you checked out the bottom of the statue to make sure its completely flat? Sometimes there’s a normal explanation for an extraordinary occurrence. You see, nothing you described makes me believe the figurine is haunted, or possessed by any entity. If it was, you would expect the frequency of the movements to increase, rather than decrease. Once the figure was moved, it found a surface it couldn’t easily ‘slide’ on, and so it doesn’t anymore.

Yes, some objects can be haunted or possessed, but it is uncommon, and seldom stops until someone who can, clears the negative energy from the object.

Love & Peace

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