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After a NDE 2 yrs ago I have gifts of predicting disasters within 3-4 days. I’ve become an empath. I know things of family, friends and complete strangers that I wasn’t informed of. I also see spirits and shadow people in my home. Im learning as I experience new things.

Yesterday during a lightening storm, one lightening of many yesterday after a lightening but no thunder, my ears had a sensation like popping because of elevation but no popping just the sensation. I then felt something someting move down my body to my feet. It left my head feeling a bit heavy as well as a heaviness from my toes going half way up my feet. I felt that way for about 45 mins.  I’ve never experienced that ever.

I’ve had an MRI of my brain at  my request to start ruling things out and it was negative. I spoke to my medical and a psych doctor and both said I was fine and thought all my experiences are spiritual. I agree. I have no guidance on this subject and am trying to learn as I go.

1. Do you have any idea what this ear popping sensation with the lightening has to do with?

2. How can I my third eye strong?

Asked by Sylvia

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Hello Sylvia,

Sounds to me that you were struck by a lightning charge, rather than a bolt .. the bolt might have killed you .. the charge (or ‘charged energy) only grounded you really hard (connected you to the earth more strongly than usual).

The ear popping usually happens when the pressure of the air around you changes, like going up and down hill, or in an airplane.

The third eye .. your psychic senses .. practice. Find a group that has lessons in using your gifts .. spiritual churches often have them, perhaps check out the local new age store for someone who teaches psychic or spiritual awareness classes. Its more fun to do this work in a group where you can get instant feedback from people. Meditation is also a good way of focusing your energy. Keep a diary of your ‘thoughts’, dreams and feelings about different events and people. Remember to date the pages and write down everything you see or sense .. everything .. colours, words, sounds, smells, glimpses .. the more you practise this, make it a habit, the stronger those gifts will become.

And have fun with it. It’s not all about disasters .. there’s a great deal of joy to be found in the spiritual planes.

Love & Peace

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