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Living In A Ghost Pathway

Is there such a thing as pathways that ghosts or spirits travel along?

We live on a property that seams to have alot of paranormal activity. Our house seems to be located along a passage way. We have many experiences all of which seem like they all have different feeling of energy to them. Some stay longer than others but all seem to eventually move on.

In our house we hear what sounds like a radio playing, or people talking in a coffe shop, often see shadows or silhouettes of figures. Some are biig some small. Some female some male. We have hear voices talking to our children over baby monitor. Our names being called or children crying when noone else is home. Doors and cupboards open, car windows roll down. And many other things.

Asked by SJ

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Hi SJ,

Do the patterns of behaviour repeat themselves, or do ghosts come and then go again? If they leave and others replace them, then you might be living on a leyline – which is an earth energy line that traverses the planet. We do. I call our house a railway station at times .. ghosts comes and going. It’s so normal now even the cats ignore our ‘visitors’. 🙂

However, if the ghosts are the same ones over and over again, your house may well be haunted. To put a stop to that there are two webpages listed at the bottom of this page – White Light Shields & the Michael Invocation. Go and read them. The instructions for both are on their pages.

Love & Peace