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Is There Something Paranormal Following Me?

Hello. My name is Jace, and I always get random scratches all over my neck and back. They’re much like cat scratches – yet I don’t have a cat. They appear sporadically and in no particular pattern. I usually find them when I wake up in the morning, as the fresh scratches will sting.

I also often hear a voice, whispering my name, and hear quiet conversations when no one is home, and all the television sets are off. At least more than ten times, lights have burst or gone out as I was beneath them.

I’m honestly a bit concerned. And I know it isn’t my home, as these occurrences happen anywhere – aside from in public.

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One reply on “Is There Something Paranormal Following Me?”

Hi Jace,

Below this comment, in a section called ‘Pages’ is a link to the Michael Invocation and another to White Light Shields. Regardless of what your beliefs are, say the Invocation the way it is written and it should clear you of anything nasty that is hanging around you. The White Light Shields are easy to learn and should keep unseen entities away from you.

And if that doesn’t work, there’s actually a skin condition that can raise scratch-like weals. So perhaps consider being checked out by a doctor.

Love & Peace