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Is There Any Serious Harm In Using A Ouija Board?

I am 17 year old girl and really interested in doing a Ouija board and I’m looking for advice on the safest way to do one – I do believe in the paranormal and the thought of doing a Ouija board scares me – but also intrigues me.

ouijabbAre there any serious harms to doing a Ouija board and is it better to do one with friends?

Any advice would be so helpful. Thank you

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Hello Anonymous,

Ouija are dangerous. They are a door through which some very nasty entities can come onto this plane of existence and cause you, your family, and your friends, a great deal of pain and hardship. Please do NOT play with the board. It is not a toy. Every one of them should be destroyed.

Why some people contact benign entities and have a bit of fun, there is no guarantee that you will be among that ‘few’ and I have spent the last 16 years clearing nasty entities of adults, teens and children who decided it might be ‘fun’ to talk with the dead.

Sorry, wish I could write otherwise, but its best to be safe than sorry .. and a person can end up incredibly sorry for playing with that board.

Love & Peace

The question was how to close the board. The aneswr isn’t an essay on how Ouija boards are satanic tools that open permanent gaping holes in the fabric of the spiritual cosmos. Moreover, you aren’t likely to lose your soul. Don’t break the glass (planchette) at the end of the session. CLOSE the session politely, much as you would properly end any other social encounter. Thank you, or some other appreciative thing if the session was pleasant, then slide your glass to Goodbye and turn over the planchette or the glass or teacup you’re using. Then remove it from the board. If it’s a glass or a teacup, just take it back to the kitchen.Never leave the planchette unattended on the board it is an open door. Always bless a glass or a teacup over a candle flame before using it. Largely symbolic, you need not roast the item like you are killing germs. No need to soot the glass and scorch the board or your fingers. Bear in mind there are some powerful protections available, such as a silver coin placed on the Ouija board. I have a few old silver dimes with sentimental value that passed from my mother to me in my childhood. I keep one atop my board. Several crystals have protective powers. A crystal of salt is extremely powerful, as is quartz crystals. Both are cheap and available. Keep both close at hand under the light of a white candle.Be polite. Imagine you are entering a semi-formal social encounter. Start out a whole lot closer to a formal cocktail party than to hangin’ out with your rough old buds at a dive bar. Be proper, show some respect. Spirits are old-fashioned things even if they are ghosts of youngsters. After you become familiar friends, you can be more casual.Never discuss God, gods, religion, saints, angels, cherubs, seraphim, or other holy entities. Don’t ask about Satan, imps, etc. Religion is an off-limits topic at any polite social event. Never discuss future deaths neither your own nor anyone else currently alive. Ouija etiquette exists because you are in such close proximity to whatever shades you have called forth. Very close, and personal. Exercise manners and keep your wits.

Okay so this past halloween I did the ouija board with some friends of mine from school, we went into a forest by my friends house and we did it there, we first talked to the weird names spirit I don’t even remember how to spell it and after that we played again and asked what the spirit name was, it spelled out luci and then it stopped we thought that it might’ve been lucifer so we went straight to goodbye and after that we played again and it was my friends grandpa, we asked him questions that only her and Makayla would know and it got them right and then when I was about to ask a question a cop car flashed it’s lights at us and we all took off running, I feel like that could’ve been a sign from God telling us to stop playing I’m not sure but I just thought of sharing my story of playing with a ouija board, I’m 15 years old and we thought that it would’ve been laughs and giggles but I’m afraid that something might happen, nothing has been happening so far but I’m still afraid.

…hey yoohs…

…it always amazes me how naive humans are…the human race in general boasts of being so highly intelligent but yet they so blindly try to put things into neat little packages…

…a ouija board is nothing but a man made piece of cardboard or wood or whatever else one makes it out of…the only power any board will ever have is the energy of the person who uses one…ouija boards do not open portals or doors or gates…people do…but because this special energy that some people have can’t be tangible concept by the majority of the human race then they look for somewhere to point their finger of blame to…the board…guess if yooh can see and feel it, then might as well lable it…

…yes it is very sad and unfortunate how human beings are taught what to think instead of knowing from within and listening from within ones own self…

…dark blessings…


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