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Is My Strange Neighbor Using Some Form of Evil?

I am in an apartment and the tenant above me seem to be using some form of evil such as making strange noises and every room that I go to she seems to know what room that I am in, and she periodically comes to her room above mine and starts to doing the same strange things.

This occurs all day and night. Any suggestions. Help!

Asked by Willie

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so does mine, i am going to throw salt all over the evil plants she has grown, ive salted all my windows and gates so nthing unpure can get in, but this willl not last long enough i need o destroy the source, which is her plant

Wouldn’t it be smarter to find out what the plant is first before you destroy someone else’s property, Leon?

Ask question first .. or take a leaf to a nursery and get them to tell you what it is.

Love & Peace

Hi Willie,

Why do you say she is doing evil? How can you tell? What sort of strange noises does she make?

I’ve lived in an apartment between two others, and you could hear a lot of strange noises, particularly footsteps etc, when people in both places moved around. The ones below me must have thought my footsteps were as noisy as the ones above me that I could hear. And if her apartment is the same layout as yours, she might simply be walking around living a normal life, even with the strange noises.

Love & Peace

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