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Is My Grandma’s Dog Seeing A Ghost?

Well my grandmas husband recently died to heart problems and so shes been pretty lonely all by herself so I stay with her on the weekends and her house is probably around 80 years old.

Every night in between 3 am I wake up to my grandmas dog barking at the front door and if you try and call his name or touch him he doesn’t do anything he just keeps barking at nothing.

I searched it up and it said dogs can see ghosts and they tend to bark at them and its freaking me out and this is coming from a 13 year old little girl so of course I’ll be scared but its creepy thinking there is ghosts staring at me when I don’t know it.

I just want to know if what I am thinking is true.

Asked by Emily

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Hi Emily,

I doubt there are ghosts staring at you when you don’t know it. I’d say any ghost trying to come through the front door isn’t making it in because of the dog. No one in their right mind argues with an angry dog. It’s lovely he’s so protective.

To being with, have you talked to your grandmother about what is happening? If you haven’t, I think that would be a very good idea. You might find out that the dog barking at the door is pretty normal? If the ghost was your grandmother’s husband, the dog might not bark at all …

In the meantime, scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and show it to your grandmother and either she can use it, or you can, to clear whatever is making the dog so unhappy or frightened that it feels the need to defend you both. That should settle things down. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in JC or angels, it works anyway.

Love & Peace

After my son passed away, our chihuahua would sit and stare at a corner or chair. One day the dog began to play a game that he and my son played together, when the dog began to tire I said “ok, that’s enough” and the game stopped although the dog continued to stare straight ahead.

Before my pug died my partner would see three people in the living room. A young woman, a young man and a little girl. The woman would sit on the couch. The man in my chair and the little girl would sometime stand next to the man in the chair and other times would be laying down in my dog’s bed.
After our little pug died, he said they were gone.
Now with my new dog, she gets spooked every once in awhile, like something is chasing her out of the spare bedroom. She doesn’t like that room at all.
Lately I have watched her stare into her bed, then jump back like something scared her.
I really think animals see things we don’t.

It’s wonderful that you have a new dog, Nancy. She might get used to the ghosts? I am sure you give her a good pat whenever she seems skittish .. with luck, and careful nurturing she might association affect with the ghosts? Otherwise, clear your home again and see if she settles down.

Love & Peace