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Is My Granddaughter Talking To Ghosts?

My family moved into a circa 1960’s house (there had only ever been one other family in this home since it was built) about 2 years ago.

In the last three months we have heard loud knocking on our front inside wooden door, screen door never opens, between 12 am and 4am.

Our dog barks but no one is ever there.

Within the last two months my the year old granddaughter that lives with us has been talking about ghosts and when lying on bed with her one night she moved close to me and turned away from me and I heard her whisper “it’s ok you can lay here ” and patted the empty spot beside her.

She has also been whispering a lot to someone, unsure at this point of she had an imaginary friend as she won’t discuss it (she is very advanced for her age).

Please any insight would be greatly appreciated! I have always been a skeptic but this has my mind uneasy.

Thank you

Asked by Stephanie

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Hello Stephanie,

I grew up with an ‘invisible friend’. Her name was Jenny and she turned out to be a Gabriel angel. I learned that as an adult, because I could always see and talk to all sorts of beings, even as a tiny child, and she was always a child the same age as me. I am also a skeptic, as odd as that might sound.

It is possible that your granddaughter has an angel friend, or a spirit friend (because kids do like to visit their old homes once in a while, or kids in our families, who died young, will visit other children, again, from time to time .. but not all the time), or s/he could be a ghost, which is a lost soul who did not cross into heaven when s/he died. The being might mean her no harm, but ghosts should be in healing, not hanging around little girls, so you could help the being find peace .. by scrolling to the bottom of this webpage and following the link through to the Michael Invocation. On it is a simple form, it reads … “Archangel Michael, please Find (in this case you would say something like ‘my granddaughter (her name)’s invisible friend’ and Take him or her into healing”. Remember to say thank you. What happens then is that the ghost’s guardian angel will escort the little one to his or her relatives, who have already crossed over, and your granddaughter will not see her friend anymore .. or she might tell you that the playmate had to ‘go Home now’.

Odd sounding, but it does work. We’ve tested this process over at least 15 years, all over the world via the internet and in person.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra