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Is My Doing Research Attracting Things?

Will marking things with protective marks and the like attract spirits and things? I’ve heard of people doing things like that, even ‘harmless’ or protective stuff, that ended up getting the attention of some unpleasant things. And what about doing research and whatnot? Just want to know if seemingly harmless things like that set someone up as a beacon or anything.

Just wanted to know if doing extensive research into the subject of non-living entities and the like is the same as painting a target on your back. If a person were to go around checking out books and and saving stuff online and took notes, would that put a beacon over their head for the things they’re researching?

Asked by S. W.

One reply on “Is My Doing Research Attracting Things?”

Hi SW,

Marking things with protective symbols is unlikely to attractive negative entities. The energy repels them instead.

Reading books, saving things off the internet .. I should be drowning in really nasty entities, given I’m a demonologist and a few of my bookshelves are covered in books on the subject, and my Bookmarks folder is categorised and full of webpages on paranormal and other interesting topics.

Talking about ghosts can attract ghosts, but not every time. Everyone loves to be remembered. Hunting them in haunted locations .. quite truthfully, if they think you can do them any harm they’ll probably hide. Using commonsense in every situation should make it safe for you to satisfy your curiosity .. but I should warn you, the paranormal can become an obsession .. which is not healthy.

Doing incantations and spells to invoke demons “just because” .. you would be a complete idiot. So don’t even go there.

The rest is up to you.

Love & Peace