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Is It Something Other Than A Spirit I’m Experiencing?

Ever since I was little I’ve always been able to see what I’d like to call shadow people and something that I can only describe as clear energy but shaped like a person. I’ve never felt uneasy or afraid of them until I had my baby girl 4 months ago. Since then when I get in bed what I’d love to do is go straight to sleep but no.

I feel this pressure on my chest and a few times I’ve felt a tingling sensation that starts at my ankles theĀ  moves up and stops at the top of my legs. I know these are not dreams and I can still move so it’s not a form of sleep disorder.

Is it something other than a spirit that I’m experiencing now? I’ve even begun to see these shadow people outside now.

I just want to be able to look after my daughter without feeling on edge all the time

Asked by becca

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Being a mother myself, iv had many encounters with spirits after my daughter was born how ever none of them bothered her, just me…. but as a mom I would suggest keeping your gaurd up and standing your ground, let the shadow people know that they are not aloud near your child, even though from what you said, they dont seem interested in her but you never know, children and especially infants are extremely sensitive to demonic and spiritual activity, I have my 1 year old daughter still sharing a room with me since iv been attacked before.but as I said stand your ground, let them know its your home and you have personal boundries and personal space.
Never be afriad to seek help from the church or mediums if you dont feel safe in your home, also put up a few crosses and keep the lords prayer on hand, even if you are not catholic or believe in it, It will help

Hi Becca

Have you gone to the doctors about your physical symptoms?? It may well be medical, rather than spiritual.

I get similar things, although I’m going through the menopause at the moment. But, it could all be connected – ie hormone imbalance.


Hi Becca,

What does your gift of clairvoyance have to do with making you frightened for your daughter?

The leg thing .. you might need magnesium. It’s a trace element that stops the figits .. I get tingles in my legs too, they drive me nuts .. but I also am very sensitive to world energy shifts, and they can be just strange. What they aren’t, either of them, is dangerous.

So back to my question ..

Love & Peace

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