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Is It Possible To Be Religious And Believe In Ghosts?

Can you be religious and still believe in spirits and ghosts?

Asked by Joan

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Hello Joan!
Absolutely!!! In my opinion, I don’t see why you couldn’t! People of many religions and faiths believe in spirits and ghosts! I was raised a Catholic for most of my life and I have always believed in ghosts. Sometimes you “just know” that something exists and I am a firm believer in always going with your “gut!” Best of luck!!! Peace, Love and Light. LunaTerra.

Hey LunaTerra! You have an interesting choice of words there.

[quote] I am a firm believer in always going with your “gut!”

Manipura, the solar plexus chakra! Tied to opinion formation, self empowerment, emotional progression and spiritual growth…..well, and digestion…but never mind the physical aspects for this comment. 🙂

I couldn’t agree more with your response. I was also raised as a Christian and have seen a fair amount more evidence, through personal experience, that would suggest my original information was not complete. It was a fantastic start, and I’ll never knock the core precepts of my religious and spiritual upbringing….but eventually, my “gut” got too loud to ignore.

Your comment is a great reminder of the the thing that has always fuled my spiritual and mental progression…and I’m humbled by it’s impact, Luna.
Thanks for that!!

hi joan!

in my culture, being religious is believing in god, and worshiping him, and in my view, where god exists ghosts and evils also exist! or when a positive energy exists, a negative one also exists.

Hi Joan,

It depends on which religion you belong to. If you are Christian, the bible has spirits in it .. Saul (1Kings) asked for Samuel to be consulted, and the ‘saints’ who were ‘raised’, when Jesus was resurrected, are a whole lot of others. We are banned from being mediums, but its never stopped ghosts talking to me.

I was born with my gifts. I really don’t think God let me be born, just to send me to hell.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

Hi Joan

In Christianity and Islam, the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit are referenced in the Holy Book. So, to believe in God is to believe in the supernatural. This includes the beliefe in unholy spirits and ghosts.

So, to answer your question – yes, you can be religious and still believe in spirits and ghosts.


thank you all for your honesty, i experiance unquestionable feelings sometimes that may or may not exactly agree with what you are taught,like speaking in tongues, i don’t know what they are saying but sometimes get butterflies when they start.


I cut my teeth on the pews of my mamaws church..was raised in the Church of God, just a WV girl born and raised on the belief of, if you don’t repent and accept Jesus in your life, you will burn in hell forever… OK… no and never ever any disrepect to my mamaw or how I was raised.. BUT… by all accounts even the Bible says to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling..I believe in a consoious.. excuse my spelling… that inner tinker that will set off an alarm when something just ain’t right, lol and my grammar..but good ole common sense if you think about it…. even the Bible says to try the spirit.. I think it is in the book of John..I am where your question is sweetie… and it is a struggle for me… but I have no explanations for what I have experienced and still have questions that I am not ready to ask.. but I know for fact.. the answer is yes.. because we are made to be wise and to know knowlegde…we are free willed.. and God is such a merciful God that He does remember.. we are only flesh and blood.. and as long as this world stands we will always be seeking an answer

Essentially god has created some being except human which sometime those are unknown but usually what we see in the name of spirits or ghosts mostly are demons.Ghosts and angels have been seen less and only have been seen by some particular persons