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Inquiry About Supernatural Creatures And Hunters

I’ve been doing my research on this subject and am shocked that there isn’t really anything that is shown to aid me in knowledge about the truth behind our world in any modern text.

First most I am sure in the existence in demons and angels, however what about other creatures, such as dragons, vampires, etc.?

I also want to know if there are people who hunt such beings and if there is a group so I know to avoid them.

Finally is there any basic knowledge you can pass to me as to make sure I can protect myself against demons, ghosts, and the possibly other creatures?

Thank you for your time.

Asked by Jay

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Hi Jay,

Simple answer first .. scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to White Light Shields .. learn them and use them and then you won’t have to worry about ghosts and demons.

Second .. yes, angels exist. Regardless of whether we believe in them or not, they believe in us, and each of us has a personal guardian angel behind our right shoulder, from the group governed by Archangel Michael.

Psychic vampires definitely exist. They are living people who can drain other living people, and animals, of their energy. Some do this unintentionally, and we have all experienced being exhausted just by sitting with, and listening to, someone. As to sanguine (blood) vampires being real, super-strengthed, cannot go out in daylight .. its debatable. Some people believe they have to have blood to live, but it might only be a fetish, rather than a reality. There is a subculture in society of these people, and it is real for them .. but they might not have super strength, but not being able to go out in sunlight is a real physiological (medical) problem. Unless you plan on hanging out with that group, I don’t think you need to worry about them.

Dragons .. are fire elementals (nature spirits), called salamanders. Personally, I believe they existed in their larger form in our prehistory, and perhaps died out .. or shifted dimension into somewhere they were safer. Our mythology includes them in the majority of societies, and for that fact along, disallowing cross-over communication creating the stories, they were real. Do we have to worry about them now .. probably not.

Are there people who search for these things .. oh yes. They are called Crypozoologists. It sounds like a very interesting hobby, or line of work, if you can get someone to pay your way. I doubt they need to be avoided either. They might be fascinating to talk to.

Love & Peace

I do remember one time when I was being afraid of dragons and “Draconians” and I saw this shadow dragon shaped thing in my minds eye at the store at the check out line…I could barely see anything with my physical eyes except for maybe it’s energy flowing outwards. It seemed curious about me, maybe it picked up the fact I was freaking out about dragons. It tried messing with me somehow and then it began playing with the baby sitting in a cart in front of me. I looked over at the baby and the baby smiled at the dragon. 🙂 That really made me realize that I was something something, I just am still not quite sure if it were a dragon in spirit (like a salamander) or what. But if the baby saw it, that’s good enough for me.

Maybe dragons are harmless since it made a baby smile. I wasn’t bothered by that dragon shadow thing ever again after that moment.

I think maybe you have been watching to many paranormal shows such as Supernatural. No punt intended there but also there are hunters out there for every thing in the world no matter if it is real or not there are stranger things in heaven and on earth that we will never know all of them and us being the way we are if we do find some thing that we can not explain then we much kill it. I hink that you are safe from these things though.

Peace Out

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