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Images Of Unknown Person And Feelings Of Them Being Present

I’m not sure of this is paranormal or not but I figured it would be worth a try asking on here.

My sister recently told me she has been having images in her mind of a teenage boy that is very tall and skinny with wide eyes that seems to always be hunched over. He has chalky white skin and has no belly button or nipples. Although he is extremely thin, his ribs can not be seen. She says she sometimes becomes very frightened when she has these images but other times they have no affect on her.

She also says she feels like he’s there when she’s by herself. She mainly feels the presence on the computer chair and in the doorway that goes to the kitchen. She also feels like he is there behind her closed door at night. She also has random thoughts about him such as one night when she thought he can’t  get past a closed door and doesn’t like bright lights at night.

She deals with depression sometimes, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. She also imagined a few scary people when she was a lot younger but not like this.

So is this paranormal or in her mind? If it’s paranormal, what could it be and what should we do about it? If not, any suggestions as to what it could be would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Asked by Eden