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I’m Hearing Strange Voices

I am a 14 year old girl, and I have been hearing voices in my head since I was 8.

It all started when I was in my bed, about to go to sleep. I would hear little whispers, as if 4 or more people were in a room next to me, whispering quietly. It began to scare me because I wasn’t able to stop them like I would my own thoughts. I told my parents and they simply said it was part of my imagination, and I was probably just hearing things because I was scared. Over the years, it didn’t change very much. I would hear them once or twice a week, but I got used to it after a while, since they never did anything to hurt me.

But when I was 13, that’s when things got worse. I began to understand the words they were saying. They were simple things like ‘hello there’ or ‘are you listening?’ at first, but then they began to get more violent and repetitive later on. I told my parents again, and they took me to a psychologist after my third time telling them. I still see the psychologist now, but I’m not on medication anymore since it didn’t work and nothing seems to be helping.

Just a few weeks ago, I walked to school in the morning. I began hearing voices in my head whispering loudly. They were saying ‘pray for me. pray for me please pray for me’ over and over again. Ever since then, I’ve been thinking it’s something paranormal. They’ve been getting a lot worse, especially at night. What should I do?

Asked by Sam

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Hi Sam,

From what you have written, you sound like a medium to me, but there’s a chance you might be hearing thoughts from living people and then if you’re like me, there’s a chance you might be hearing your thoughts from yourself in the future or the past. Scroll down this page and try the Michael Invocations and the White Light Shields, see if they help after using them for 2-3 weeks. If you have trouble visualizing the shields, just ask this: “Archangel Michael, please put White Light Shields around me now.” The shields will block off any unwanted ghosts and negative entities that might be talking to you (if you are a medium) and it can help shield against unwanted thoughts of the living (if you’re telepathic). As for hearing your thoughts from the future or past, I found minor relief of negative thoughts through crystal healing but it took months or a year or two to get there. If you are hearing your own thoughts from a different time, I suggest you meditate as much as you can to allow your mind and thoughts to flow and then write down in a journal everything that goes through your mind. Write the date when your done, you might come back and realize you were having a vision of the future at age 9 and your 16 year old self caught the dejavu feeling and sent the thought to your 9 year old self. That’s just a “maybe”.

How many medications did you try? I am on medication as well and they do help with anxiety a little at times.

Great answer Micle,

I hear the same sorts of things, Sam, and more negative things. When I first heard the angels, who only speak of Love and helping us and others, I went to a psychiatrist and asked him if I was crazy. He said ‘if the voices are friendly, or harmless, and don’t tell you to hurt others or yourself, then don’t worry about them’. He was a very old man and had heard many strange things over the years, and I think he believed in angels, and certainly ghosts .. which is what I believe you are hearing.

As Micle wrote, the Michael Invocation will help clear those sorts of beings, certainly the ones who ask for help or prayer. They can be found in all sort of places, like the supermarket, or sometimes in your home .. just ask your angels to send them on their way. You can learn how to do this from the Michael Invocation webpage (link at the bottom of this page) and from other pages on my website, which you can get to from there.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

My name is Michael, I’m 14 and im up writing this at 3am right now because something weird is definitely going on. For the past year I’ve been hearing this it all started one night when I was sleeping and woke up to something saying my name at 3:02am, and a few other noises. Ever since I hear noises at night only when I’m alone. It doesn’t happen that often maybe once or twice a month but its super weird and creeping me out. But I’ve also starting to notice things like my computer will turn on randomly and I never really thought about it till a few nights ago, the only way my computer will turn on is if the computer mouse moves or if I press a key on the keyboard. And this might just be my old house but the lights flicker off and on, but not all of them only a few I have four light bulbs in my ceiling and for example only 1 of them might flicker off and on.

Hi Michael,

My husband’s computer turns itself on on an irregular basis, from standby, which is where yours is set if only moving a mouse can turn it on. If it turned itself on from completely off, which has happened to Tom under some unusual circumstances, it might be a ghost, or it might just be movement of your house.

You don’t say what the actual noises are that you hear, apart from your name being said. Yes, that can be weird. It’s happened quite a lot of times to me, usually when I have forgotten something like certain groceries at the supermarket, but also here in the house if whomever/whatever is visiting finds out my name. It’s a way of getting my attention. It’s also a great way of scaring people, or drawing attention to someone unseen who might only be asking for help.

The light bulb fitting, if its the same one all the time, could just be malfunctioning. Have your parents ever had an electrician check it out?

That being said, you might be being haunted, or your home is, so I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and find the link to the Michael Invocation and say it for your home, and clear the energy – then you won’t have to worry if some weird noises continue .. they might just simply be noises.

Love & Peace