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I Need Help Whispers Are In My Head

It started with an EVP on my cell phone. Now the whispers are in my head calling my name over and over telling me to do things! I can’t sleep! Help!

Asked by Judy

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Hello Judy,

What was in the EVP? Did you try for one on purpose? Where were you when you did it? Did you recognise the voice?

Voices in your head ..

What is the voice telling you to do?

You might be clairaudient, which means you can hear ghosts, spirits and other beings, and some ghost is hanging around you – or you could have schizophrenia. Have you been to a doctor for a check-up? Is there mental illness in your family? I always ask this of people before suggesting it might be a ghost. Better to cover all the possibilities.

What you could do is the Michael Invocation .. a link to it is at the bottom of this site under the heading “Pages”. Follow the instructions on the page, and if you have any continuing problems, you can tell us here, or via an email link to me on that page.

Wishing you a good day,
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I think Ama has some good suggestions. You should see if you have some kind of gift and go from there. I have heard of spirit attaching itself to you from objects. You should look for someone who deals in Demonology and see if they can help you? Try and rule out all possibility’s and go from there. Don’t give up if no one believes what you are going through as I know really weird things do happen when dealing with the spirit world! Good luck and may God bless and protect you, Amen
Also try a Protection prayer like St Michael the Archangel.

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
by the Divine Power of God –
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.


Hi Judy

I agree with the others that your mental health should be explored as well as the paranormal. At least, the doctor can rule out one possible cause which would only leave you with the other possible cause to explore.

When it comes to paranormal and supernatural origins, the rule of thumb is; if the ‘voices’ are asking you to do or say things of a negative nature, or the ‘voice ‘ is of a negative disposition in it’s own right, then it is not one of your guides. Most likely it would be an earthbound spirit, but could also be demonic, although less likely.

So – what was said on the EVP and what is being said or asked inside your head?

In addition to the above suggestions, may I suggest placing yourself in a ‘bubble’ to clear your energy, thus keep the voices out. This is how I build protective energy shields (bubbles) …

1.Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. This will help to relax you and clear your mind.

2.When you feel ready, imagine a small speck of white light in the centre of your heart. Imagine it just shimmering there, like a bright star.

3. In your own time, imagine this twinkling white light gradually expanding outwards, filling up your whole heart. Then, imagine it expanding further as it gradually starts to shine thought your whole body. In effect, this light is like your blood force, reaching every part of your physical being.

4. Once you are happy that your body is completely filled with the white light, imagine the light expanding out further still, past your physical body and out approximately 3ft / 1m in every direction outside of you, with your body in the center of it. In other words, it is as if you have an invisible wall of bright, white light that is completely surrounding your physical being. Don’t worry if you shart feeling a warmth through your body as you do this, this is perfectly natural and means your energy is flowing correctly.

5. In your own time, imagine a beam of pure white light coming down from the heavens, through the crown of your head and down to the centre of your heart where the ‘bubble’ contruction started. This beam of light is known as the God Source and is the pure love and protection, which God represents.

6. Optional: Christian’s quite often like to place a gold cross above their crown for spiritual wisdom. The Star Of David, Star and Crescent or any other religious symbol would work just as effectively, if desired. However, this is purely down to preference so, by not placing any symbol above the crown will not affect the bubble’s effectiveness

This ‘bubble’ will last between 12-36 hours and is constructed by your own energy and not outside forces. Continue to build your energy shield on a daily basis until you are satisfied that whatever had latched onto you, has now gone.

I used the colour white above, for protection, but bubbles can be contructed using different colours dependant on what you wish to construct them for:

White (rainbow spectrum mix)- Purity; ultimate protection; God
Pink – Love
Green – Healing
Blue – Truth; peace; protection
Purple – Wisdom; enlightenment
Red – Courage; action
Orange – Vitality; Endurance
Yellow / Gold – Wisdom; wealth (spiritual)

so the construction of an energy shield has far more uses than protection alone. Mine seem to keep coming out orange at the moment … hmmm. LOL!

Good luck and hope you manage to sort out those voices soon.


once in a while, i will hear a male voice in my ear just saying my name, “Anita.” once when i was about to light up a cigarette, another time when i was about to walk out into an unknown environement in Flint, MI., which is truly an unsafe city! one time, the voice woke me up out of a sleep. there’s been other times, too, but i just thought it may be God telling me to take heed and go the other way. i never thought about spirit guides.

Spirit guides and God are the same energy, Anita. The angels are the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a form we can feel connected to. Spirit guides are never family members, instead they are especially trained humans who give help to others, between their own lives.

I went through a period of time where I often heard my name called .. usually in the supermarket. There would literally be no one behind me or in front of me .. because I’d check. I learned to be more attentive to my surrounding when it happened, or would be standing beside something I had forgotten in my shopping .. 🙂

Wishing you a lovely day,
Love & Peace

dear ama, i have no history of mental trauma or depression as such. but the other night i heard a voice in my head, a husky, rude male voice. i was trying to sleep and my four year old son was lying next to me. the voice kept repeating my son’s name and mocked the lullaby i sing for him. i tried to pray but my prayers seemed to be blocked out of my system. the voice suddenly got rude and yelled at me to “get up and get out”!! i am really very worried. do i seek medical help or paranormal intervention? please guide me! regards , tejasvini

Dead or living, some people have no manners.

Hi Tejasvini,

Is the entity still hanging around, if it is .. scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and you’ll find a link to the Michael Invocation. Read the page a couple of times, to get an understanding of what you are requesting, then say it like you mean it. Whomever is bothering you will be found by your angels and removed to a place of healing, to find some manners, if nothing else.

I was just remembering the ghost that kept trying to take my head off with an axe .. now that was a fun evening. Luckily the axe was as ghostly as he was.

People don’t become wonderful after they die, if they chose to become ghosts .. they just continue their bad behaviour in a whole different form. If we can help them cross over, then we should .. and the Invocation is a way of helping them find the peace and healing they need, just as we do when they decide to haunt.

If problems persist, which is unlikely, Tejasvini, you can email me privately from links on that site.

Love & Peace