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I Keep Hearing A Man’s Voice, What Is This?

For the months that I have lived in my home, I keeping hearing a man’s voice, as if having a conversation. I never hear the other person, nor can I make out what exactly he is saying, but it just seems as though he’s talking to someone he knows.

I have searched the house several times when alone to be sure no radio’s, TV’s, computers or anything else is on that can be making the noise. I’ve asked the other residents of my home if they have heard it, but everyone said no.

I should mention I have also heard other small things: little bumps in the night, footsteps, and knocking at my bedroom door when no one is around, but I have always shrugged them off.

I don’t know what I am dealing with, nor am I afraid of it. I am unsure if I’m just being paranoid.

If anyone has information or tips, let me know.

– A sleepy person

Asked by Peanut

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Hi Peanut

When I first moved into our current bungalow 12 years ago, and for a number of years after that, I kept hearing an old wireless playing 1920’s music in ‘another room’. It was muffled but, no matter where in the house I went to whilst following the sound, it remained distant.

Like you, as soon as I’d hear it I’d check for car radio’s outside, other audio nose from within the house and, I even checked the piping for the heating system to see if it was that? But nothing.

This music could start any time of day or night, from anywhere within the house.

Then, one day, it stopped. It stopped the moment I ‘heard’ it whilst I had some headphones on. The reason it stopped was because that was the moment I accepted it was not a noise coming from our dimension, time or space.

The latest sound we keep hearing, is a chiming clock. That started up about a year ago. I hear a modern alarm sound whilst my sister hears an old chime of a mantelpiece clock. I suspect it’s the same thing.

I think sometimes, our dimension and the dimension of other ‘worlds’ collide. It may be that your house is situated on, or near a ley line.

I know our house is not haunted. But I do know it ‘loves’ music and the atmosphere will positively lift as soon as any is played. Curiously all previous owners, and myself, play instruments. It’s as if the house chooses who lives in it. Weird!

Anyway, I kinda get the feeling that what you are experiencing is similar to what I have experienced. The reason other’s around you don’t notice it is because they are probably not so psychically aware as you are.

I hope this has helped


Hi Peanut,

Since AJ has answered the paranormal side of things, I will ask a question about where the houses are around you? Sound has a very funny way of travelling. It can go long distances, through walls, and down drainpipes. People can hear conversations that happen in the next house, without the neighbours yelling. One way voices can be someone on the phone.

The male’s voice might be a ghost reliving talking on the phone, given you also have bumps in the night, or it could simply be a memory programmed into the walls of the house that is only activated in certain situations, such as anniversaries or days with similar weather patterns.

Otherwise AJ’s answers are always fascinating .. I would love to know that time the clock is chiming? And why?

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

It chimes (or the alarm goes off, depending on who is hearing it) at different times, on different days and may not be heard for months at a time and then, a few days in succession.

Maybe I should start keeping a log – lol! It may be connected to anniverseries or celebration dates … thus the passing of time symbolism of a clock???

I agree with your answer above about travelling sound. I think it’s only when it has been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that external sounds in our environment are not the culprit, that we should start seeking answers from paranormal activity of some sort.

I also agree that some building literally absorb emotional vibes from the past and will, on occasion, ‘show’ that emotion through either sound, sight or smell in the present …. without a ghost in sight – lol! The wireless radio I heard could well be a radio played on the site of our bungalow whilst it was still a working forge in the 1920’s. Maybe the site felt at it happiest when there was lots to hustle and bustle there?? It does seem to like the ponies coming over for the farrier as well. There is deffo a different vibes when ponies are tied up in the front garden, waiting to be manicured.


Yes, keep a diary, AJ .. could be an interesting way of marking the events in your life. 🙂

I love the thought of the music playing for the ponies. 😉

Love & Peace