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I Am Wondering If I Am Going Crazy

Another person wondering if they’re going crazy….

So, I’ll start by saying that I’ve personally come to the conclusion that I’m a little crazy.

I have a rather vivid imagination that seems to have no ‘off’ switch, and an interest in the supernatural and paranormal (though I don’t thoroughly believe such things exist). Obviously this combination of factors would explain whatever I’m experiencing. I just want an outside opinion.

I have always been afraid of the dark. I have a serious dislike of it and do my best to avoid it. I also am rather leery of mirrors, especially when it’s dark or the room is not well-lit, and I am not fond of basements.

At my grandparent’s house, the room I sleep in has wooden paneling, and I found a set of knots in the wood that looked like a face. This perceived face felt rather threatening to me, and during my stays there I sleep with a few night lights or a lamp on, and my back to the wall with said ‘face’. It was around the time I discovered the face that I began hearing faint, unintelligible whispering sounds, with no identifiable source. That was when I first started to turn on music to drown out what I thought I was hearing.

When I was younger, I used to think there was something in our bathroom – I would stand just outside the door and look into the dark room, and I always thought I saw a shadowy, human-shaped figure crouching in the far corner.

We’ve moved out of that house, and are currently in a new one. My dislike of the dark has not gone away, and I have slept with a lamp on for a couple days-long periods of time. I would often have an uncomfortable feeling when in my bedroom (which is in the basement), and have often had the sensation that I am not alone (though not of being watched). There have been many times when I think I hear whispering, though I can never hear what is being said (honestly, it disturbs me, and I usually turn on music to drown it out). There are also times (late at night/very early in the morning) when I am the only one who is awake, and I don’t hear or see anything, but I feel like someone is awake and in the room with me. On the rare occasion, I will see something move in my peripheral vision, only to find that there’s nothing there.

I covered the windows in my room, my mum helped me take down the mirror on the wall (it is now leaned reflective-side towards a wall), and I have a dim lamp in the corner of my room furthest from my bed that I leave on at night when I’m sleeping. Since doing these things, I have become more comfortable…

We have a cat, and I understand cats and other animals to be sensitive to entities and energies of various natures; I can only recall one time though when my cat reacted to some unseen thing in a way similar to mine- I had taken the cat to my room for the night, and he was sitting at the foot of my bed, when he looked up towards the closed door. I naturally followed his gaze, but didn’t see anything. I do recall having the disquieting sensation that something was on the other side of the door though.

I don’t know if I’m actually crazy, or if these weird experiences are actually happening outside my head, or what. The ‘logical’ part of my brain insists that there’s nothing there to be threatened by or afraid of, but the imaginative side of me insists otherwise (I guess I’m a bit confused). Thoughts, opinions?

Asked by M. Warfield

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Hello M. Warfield

First – you have permission to be crazy. We all are, to some degree, its a survival mechanism.

Secondly – there might well be a ghost, or elemental being (nature spirit) in the house with you. When you hear the whispering, think ‘bored’ thoughts (rather than feeling scared) and ask it to shut up? Either that or be tell it to be polite and talk louder? I am inclined not to put up with spooky nonsense, and a whisper as background noise is really very annoying, and can feel creepy, until you realise the ‘creep’ used to be a living human and is now just being a real pain, like a younger sibling passively demanding attention.

What you could do is scroll to the bottom of this page and use the request on the Michael Invocation page to clear your energy and then your home, and then use the White Light Shields to keep spooks out of the house .. they both work really well.

Mirrors are doorways, or can be. They used to creep me out too, particularly the one in the bathroom, at the end of the hall, in the house I grew up in. There was that nasty looking old lady standing there sometimes .. I wish I had known how to help her then, I would have given both of us some peace, and crossed her into heaven. To close a mirror, like closing a door, you can draw a symbol in front of it, with the ‘intention’ of having be ‘closed and remain shut’ .. works well for cupboard doors with mirrors on them too .. the door will open, the mirror doesn’t .. if you are Christian, draw a cross, the reiki symbol choku rei works .. so would an ‘x’ .. its the ‘intention’ that closes the mirror, not the symbol itself. And then remember you closed it, and stop worrying about it.

Ghosts are everywhere, the same as they have always been. Most mean no harm, they are simply reliving some experience that trapped them on the earth plane after they died. If you think there is a ghost in the room with you, ask your angels to ‘find’ the ghost and ‘take’ it into heaven. You don’t need to believe in angels or heaven to have this work .. because they believe in us. They only need our permission to act .. so give it to them.

Still think you are crazy? We live in ghost central, but only sometimes. Some nights our house feels like a railway station, so many ‘people’ passing through, much to the amusement of ours .. because it gives the cats something to ignore .. and they are good at ignoring, when they choose too – except moths .. Juno refuses to ignore them until they don’t want to ‘play’ anymore. She’s an odd soul. 🙂

Love & Peace

I have had some of those things happen to me also. My bedroom has a lot of mirrors and I have wood paneling on my walls also. I don’t keep a light on in my bedroom, but sometimes I see a lot of shadows and if I let it bother me it will keep me awake at night. Sometimes the shadows turn into big spiders. Now I repeat my Arc angel Michael Verse and turn over and go to sleep. Sometimes I think it was my imagination, because of a resent death in my family and I had to go away for awhile I haven’t seen them since I returned home. Hopefully they are gone for good!


Well, I can honestly say, after the many,many scary,things I have witnessed for the last 12 yeas thats it doesnt seem to want to harm you, only seems at most curious so no need to be spooked. I once shared the up stairs attick room im my house ( it was my moms at the time) with a playful attitude. Although I dont remember having seen anything in mirrors or being afraid but I have seen what they call ” shadow people”or ” shadow creature’s” in the corner of my eyes many times

My house is still haunted but I find turning the radio on or leaving the tv on low volume helps me sleep because it dorwns out the noise and the tv illuminates the room, I hope that helps 🙂

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