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How Long Does A House Blessing Last?

I just had question… When a minister/priest comes into a home and blesses it. How many years does that last?

Is it forever or just so many year’s?

Thank you!

Asked by Adrienne

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Hi Adrienne,

If you are lucky it might last a couple of months. If you live in an angry house, might last a week.

A house blessing changes the structure of the energy within the house. It doesn’t change the nature of the people who create the energy. Human beings expend (send out) energy all day long. The energy can be positive or negative, depending on what we are feeling at the time. We usually don’t control this energy, but we should. It accumulates, so a regular house ‘clearing’ (blessing or otherwise) is a very good idea. If your house is haunted then the blessing will send the ghosts away, or hopefully into heaven .. but that has to be done specifically .. but the minute the energy goes back to being negative, ghosts can flow back in.

Demonic visitations often require many blessings before they are cleared, if they can be. It depends on the nature of the people living in the house, and the history of events in the building. Sometimes buildings cannot be cleared, or the land is haunted, so the house just keeps repeating patterns until someone clears the land as well.

Why do you ask?

Love & Peace

Well one was done, in the old house. My parents demolished and rebuilt on the same property. The original house was built in 1912 and would have been too expensive to do anything. The new house is 7-8 years old.The last visit was like old times..weird part was my husband and I were in bed almost asleep and we started hearing noises so much so that we both sat up. When it ended what he and I experienced was totally different!! So, I’m thinking their back? Now the original barn is still standing, and it was blessed too when the old house was. Maybe it’s connected. Thank you so much for replying! I appreciate the information and sorry this reply was so long!!

Hello. I have been living in my house for 8 years now and no problems till some old black lady moved in next door. One day she got mad at me for not helping her pay for the cutting of her trees not mine n ever since iv been sick . She stands near my driveway n mumbles n looking at me with a mean face. So I think she is evil n is put curses on me. What can I do to protect myself Thx you

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