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How Do You See Auras?

How do you see them? How can you practice seeing auras?

How can you practice seeing auras so that the colors you see in your mind are actually visible with your eyes?

Asked by Micle

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First and foremost you actually need to have at least some tqlent for it, but dont worry, most people do.
If u have a “victim” willing to help you its easiest to put them in front of a white sufrace, eg. A white wall or a piece of paper. Since white reflects all coulours this should make it easyer for you to see them.
Cou can also practice on other “living things”. I used to practice on apple seeds, numourous seeds work allright if they are FRESH.


Thank you Yarne, that’s gives me a good reason to eat more apples.

Is there anything else specific that you have to do to see auras(like stare only at the white wall or at the “victim” but a little past?). Or do you just stare at an object until an aura pops up? I don’t want to end up just staring at my hand and not see a single thing.
If anyone else has any more information or techniques please share 🙂 I will start off with just staring at something against a white wall (probably my foot or hand)

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