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How Do Trees Take in Our Energy?

So how exactly do trees take in our negative energy and give back positive energy? Do they do it automatically by themselves or do people have to talk to a tree, or touch them, to let out the negative energy and receive the positive energy.

Do trees naturally always give off positive energy?

How can someone benefit from this energy process?

Also, what other living things do this energy process like trees?

Asked by Micle

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Hi Micle,

Trees don’t ‘take’ anything. They inhale like you do. They inhale carbon dioxide, which, in a sense, is the opposite to the oxygen we need to breathe (though they are combined), and breathe out oxygen .. lovely trees, we need more of them .. and they inhale negativity the same way, and express positive energy. It’s a gift, and they are a gift, of Mother Nature.

If you lean back against a tree, or deliberately give it a hug, it will exchange energy with you .. your negative for its positive .. or from its point of view .. your positive energy for its negative .. we are polar opposites, like magnets.

Yes, they always naturally always give off energy that is positive to humans.

Other living things .. the earth itself does the same sort of exchange, but only trees give humans the breath of life.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

hat is so cool! I love trees, nature is one of my top favorite things. My mother said as a baby I would usually be quiet and stare at the trees many times. I feel really connected with nature.

What I don’t understand (this may not go along with the tree topic here, sorry) is that if we are like polar opposites like magnets with trees, how does the whole “like attract like” work. If opposites attract, like magnets, how can a bubble of positive energy attract more positive energy, like a magnet, if positivity is not opposite to itself?

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