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Hooded Figures And Other Odd Occurrences

So, before I was born apparently my parents kept experiencing paranormal occurrences like the vacuum turning on without being plugged in, drawers randomly emptying themselves in the kitchen, and other things of the sort while I was in the womb. When I was born (at home), apparently all of those things stopped.
I never knew of this growing up, but around the age of twelve that the things happening to me weren’t normal things that happened to anyone. I started to realize that the “haunted houses” that my parents kept moving into weren’t that way (usually. There were a couple that were beforehand) and that something was seriously following me around.

At first I thought I might just be schizophrenic, but about the time that I tried to pursue that course of help, a rapid succession of events in front of my friends and family members proved to them and me that there was seriously something going on.

Yet that was when I was thirteen and still relatively safe in regards to what would happen after that.

For the past several years my friends have reported seeing shadow figures and hooded figures following us on our walks together, whether day or night, that would vanished soon as they were pointed out. I’ve also been waking with bruises and cuts for a long time, but back in December I woke to excruciating pain only to find out that my ribs had somehow been detached from my sternum.

On top of that, my family keeps spitting my doppelgänger. Once, while I was in my room, my doppelgänger apparently checked in on my brothers while they were falling asleep. While I was at church another day, my brothers saw me standing outside our house, watching. The only other time that I know of was when I was doing the dishes and my sister watched me walk down the stairs and complained that I wasn’t doing my chore.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve been able to do other things that most people can’t do, like how electronics tend to malfunction while around me (light bulbs will act as though they’ve burned out as soon as I turn them on, but then work perfectly when I leave). A lot of people have sensed something strange about me, varying from a lingering energy that seems to never fully go away, to feeling just plain inhumanly strong.

There are other things going on, but I really need help figuring out why this is happening. I’m about to move out on my own here soon and I want it resolved before then. I don’t want to move out, become vulnerable, and have something kill me, you know?

Asked by Thomas

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Hello Thomas,

Add that your letter never appeared in my inbox .. which sometimes does happen in paranormal situations, and you end up with knowing you are haunted by someone, or something, that may or may not be friendly.

When I was younger I would wake up with bruises and scratches from unknown sources, I would have strange dreams of fighting in great battles, with very sharp swords, although I’ve never touched on in this lifetime. There is a theory that there is a war in heaven, between the Light and dark, and that some of the living are caught up within it, and manifest their injuries in their physical bodies .. you could be one of these people.

I suggest that you do two things – the first is to follow the link at the bottom of the webpage to White Light Shields. Learn them and use them, it should help stop any further damage. The second is to learn the Michael Invocation (link also there) and use it anytime you are feeling haunted, which will help to remove anything that might be hanging around you. The good stay, the negative entities are removed.

If you do read this, an update on your situation would be appreciated. I must apologise for not seeing the question before, but sometimes this does happen, without paranormal cause.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Thank you, Ama.

I read back over what I wrote and cringe. That must have been difficult to understand. I apologize.

I must admit that I have followed the possibility of that very situation, but I regret to say that I don’t think it to be true. The only forms of astral or spiritual projection I have encountered have been purposeful and easy to remember. I will admit that demons have, in the past, made contact with me in vain attempts to convince me that I am fated to join them.

Recently, I found out that the demon that took me one night hasn’t only seen me. One of my guy friends began to describe the encounters, only the difference is that the demon spoke at length with me and he simply stands with his followers over my friend from time to time. At the time that he came for me, he had two followers- a short and stout man and a taller, average man that seemed lean yet muscular. Both wore white masks. My friend reported he had three followers, however, that there was a girl there that wore a shorter version of a plague-doctor mask. I had not told him about the demon nor the appearances of the followers, yet he described them to me perfectly. I went on to relay this to a friend of mine that often discusses these sorts of topics with me and he, too, freaked out because he had another friend who told him of nearly the same experience. He told me his friend had started telling him of one of HIS old friends, a girl by the name of Sarah I think, that had joined this demon’s group and was trying to get him to join as well.

Although my encounter dealt only with the demon while he was flanked by the two men who never spoke, I know there’s a strong possibility that something may be about to happen concerning this demon and after I very adamantly declined his offer, I don’t believe he’s given up on recruiting me considering the shadows following me everywhere and my close connections to the others that were visited.

In the meantime I’ve been honing my own abilities and solidifying my spirit against the darker temptations in my soul. I may not know what is going on yet, but I know I will be ready to cause trouble for them when I do find out.

With determination,

Short recap.

I’ve been getting calls from an unknown number, but it has been altering my phone in strange ways. All it says is “Unknown” and there is no “Decline” option. The whole layout of the call looks nothing like Unknown Number calls or any other normal call. It only happens around midnight to two in the morning. When I answer, there is only silence and someone moving on the other side. You can’t hear their breathing or any normal activity. Just the sound of someone taking the phone away from their ear after several moments to hang up. The calls have stopped coming, but now I get Voicemails without any calls coming through and the Voicemails only have either the same silence before hanging up, or more recently the sound of someone sawing into wood or something- at least that’s what it sounded like.

I’ve started to see the demon again, too. Only when on my walks at night, of course, but he’s almost always there. Just watching before he vanishes again. Brooklyn, the one I’m currently dating, has started to experience it too. Woke me up due to being scared and needing someone who understands to talk to.

I’ve stopped getting wounds in my sleep a long time ago, but this… is just weird.

Sorry for yet anotther update long after my forst two-in-the-morning rant, but I’ve been speaking with the friend that told me of his female friend who was part of this demon’s group. I have been told that this girl, at the age of thirteen- randomly became able of speaking in multiple languages, including- oddly enough- Greek. I cannot remember the exact capabilities of the others in the group, but the conclusion was that this demon was amassing a group of those that had a natural tendency toward transdimentional capabilities. Taking my own capabilities into consideration, I can see how this may be a little true.

However, now that we know what he may be looking for, thus is nowhere near the full knowledge of what we need to understand. I wish to know why he is collecting them, what he is having them do, and what the end goal will be should he succeed.

I have also realized that I have not described this demon to you. He is exceedingly tall and more proportionately so than you would believe. His face seems lost in oscillation, only a thin, malevolent, and colorless smirk surviving whatever masking keeps us from understanding his facial features. At least to me… None of the others have noted clear facial features, but did note that they could tell innately that he was smiling. He has a profoundly twisted aura about him, evil in ways that shake the soul, yet he remains placid and respectful. Cordial in almost every way, it’s a charisma that calms you despite the unmistakeable malignant alignment.

I can remember so clearly the night he first came to me… well, the majority of it. When it came to the details of what he told me, that is lost as well. I can’t remember what he offered me, what he explained to me, only that I asked one question and his answer was the only thing that would help me decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I was only thirteen at the time, and when I asked the question, I remember that he looked sad for the first time during our talk… He answered by showing me, placing his hands on my head and showing me… but the images are lost to blackness and all I know is that it was painful in some way. He knew he lost my agreeableness the moment I asked, and I told him ‘no’.

But now he’s back apparently… now that I’m poking around.

I wonder if I could retrieve those memories somehow… transcend on my own without a true tutor and stop blindly facing whatever this is….