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Hearing My Name

Yesterday I spent the day at my cousins house anyways I slept and when I woke at which was at 1 pm I went straight to the kitchen while I was going there I passed my cousins room and it was closed anyways while I walked straight passed it I HEARD HIM SAY “hi Clarissa ” loud and clear like if he was across me but I looked all over cause he couldn’t have seen me his door was closed and he was no where near the kitchen so I saw my brother and asked him if he said hi and he said no atomically I said ” HI (cousins name ) and when I said that my brother said he wasn’t ever here he went to the baseball game I was freaking out I wanted to cry cause I know I heard him say my name I know it was him honestly.

I just want answers on what this could mean, last year I kept waking up at 3 am and it stopped for a while but today at 3:33 I woke up and I knew something was up, please I’m in desperate help, I need to find out what this means my whole family thinks I’m going crazy they don’t believe me.

Asked by Clarissa

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Hello Clarissa,

I hear my name said from time to time, usually in the supermarket when I have forgotten something. But that is by angels, who are always our friends.

Hearing a voice that is familiar to you is not unusual. It is possible that whomever was speaking only sounded like your cousin, but your mind decided that it was him. We do that with sounds sometimes. It could be that you had a spirit in the house who said hello, or a ghost. In any case, unless anything paranormal has happened, the being is probably gone and you have nothing to worry about.

I hear ghosts quite frequently. I answer their questions. I help them find peace by crossing them ‘over’, into a place of healing. You can do that too. Scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home, and anyone else’s that you are in at the time. You won’t have to worry about nightly visitors then. You can also check out White Light Shields. The house shield helps to keep ghosts out of the house. I use it as necessary, if we get too haunted around here .. sometimes my house feels like a railway station, ghosts coming and going …

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I know how scary it is to have that happen. This exact thing happened to me, but in a less friendly way. I just got back from church on Sunday and it was about 7:30-ish or maybe eight, but it wasn’t late. I went upstairs and went into my bathroom to go to the bathroom, I locked my door so no one would walk in on me. I had just washed my hands and dryer them and was looking at myself in the mirror for some reason, I think I was in deep thought. All the sudden, like it was right in my ear, I heard what sounded like my dad yell my name. It is hard to say if it was an aggressive tone since I literally was holding my hand on my heart ready to have a heart attack, but it wasnt just trying to say hello, I think it wanted to scare me, and it had successfully done so. When it said my name, assuming my dad had just played a cruel joke on my I was like,” What?!?!?!?” and it never answered back, it was like it just waited for the perfect time when I was alone and vulnerable, sucker punched me, and ran. I stood in my bathroom for at least a minute and tried to collect myself. I was about ready to open my door and give my dad a piece of my mind for almost giving me a heart attack, then I heard the unmistakeable footsteps of my dad coming up the stairs, what the…I opened my door and asked my dad if he called me and he said NO. I never went upstairs alone, and I always locked my door after that.