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Hearing Bells Underwater

I was at Metro Beach (Lake St. Clair) yesterday and when I went underwater and at certain times above water all I could hear was bells or car keys ringing.

I looked it up and many people have drowned there.

Can someone explain this and also I have had paranormal experiences in the past as well.

Asked by Andy

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Hi Andy,

I think you went to Metro Beach on Monday, or Sunday, as I am not sure when the owner of this site released your question to be answered. Given its Wednesday in Australia, where I am, and probably Tuesday where you are .. you will understand why I ask. We then have to add in the possibility of church bells on a Sunday, but also any other day of the week, if someone is doing maintenance on them, or the ‘bell-ringers’ (I don’t know their special name) practicing .. we have to eliminate all other possibilities before we look at the paranormal. I think you also heard car keys jingling, rather than ringing as bells do?

You did not say how many people were on the beach with you? If there was no one, you have a paranormal event. If there were a few, even at a distance, say in a carpark near a church, and the wind was blowing, even gently, towards you, the sounds you heard could have come from the direction of the wind .. as sound can travel a great distance in surprising ways. A fact that has been tested.

So your story raises a few questions before I can say that you had a paranormal experience.

Love & Peace