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Have You Ever Heard Of Someone Being Born With A Veil Over Their Face?

Have you ever heard of someone being born with a veil over their face?

I think it is a thin membrane of skin that covers their face while they are in the womb, that has to be removed when they are born, so they can start breathing.

This is how it was explained to me by my grandmother. She claimed that my father was born with a veil and that mint that he was a gifted child. I know that she and my father could predict things that could happen in the future, but I thought they were both kind of weird at times, but the scary part was most of the time they were right!

I thought I had that gift also for awhile, but my premonitions came through dreams. I try to avoid it, because it scares me.

Anyway I’m curious if anyone has ever heard about being born with a veil, or is it just an old wives tale?

Asked by Nancy

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Hi Nancy,

The veil is called the ‘caul’ and, while it is an old wives tale, it was used as an explanation of why some people are born psychic while others weren’t. What the caul actually is is part of the birthing sac that surround the baby in the womb. The child can’t breath through it, so it has to be removed quickly so they can take their first breath.

The psychic gifts run in families, and you have inherited precognitive dreams from your father. By choosing to ignore them, you are programming your mind not to believe in them anymore, and I agree they can be more trouble than they are worth at times, depending on what you see, but they can be helpful too. If they continue to happen, put a diary beside your bed, with a pen, and before you put your feet on the floor in the morning, write down what you remember of the ‘dreams’ .. you too might end up predicting good things in the future.

I say this because sometimes when we fear something we give it a lot of attention, and that can make the gift stronger, but not in positive ways.

Love & Peace

Thanks Ama, I’m trying not to be so fearful of things. I haven’t had any real vivid dreams lately. I think the reason I fear them, because of the negative things that have happened. Like my friends daughter being murdered and also my daughter’s step daughter dying in an auto accident. That wasn’t a dream, but it was a strong feeling something was going to happen and it did. They went camping the week before Christmas and I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. I begged her to stay home and she got mad at me and told me I was being silly. Well their vacation went okay, but they were in an auto accident on their way home and the little girl was killed. My daughter, and her husband and step son were okay.
A few years ago, while my grandson was serving in Iraq, I woke up with a strange feeling and turned on the news and heard of an explosion of a convoy headed to a town in Iraq and some vehicles were blown up. I just knew my grandson was in one of them. We heard about explosions and people being blown up everyday on the news, but I never felt any relation to them, but that morning I just knew David was involved. I didn’t dare say anything to my daughter. Later in the day she called and asked me if I had any weird feeling lately and I asked her why. She said David’s vehicle hit a roadside bomb, but he was okay and the other two guys riding with him. They all walked away from it.
I told her I had a strong feeling that he might be in it, but I didn’t want to say anything.
Its happening like this that gets me upset and I really hate it when I get those feelings. I just want to turn them off.
I know I got that from my Dad, but everything wasn’t always bad with him. He could predict when my sisters and I were going to give birth and what they were going to be and he was usually right! 🙂
Thanks for listening to me Ama. I always look forward to your replies!


hello, I know you posted this a long time ago and you’ll probably never see this. but I found your story very interesting. My family too talked about all of us being born with veils and how we are suppose to communicate with the dead and have dreams. I had a dream 6 weeks before hurricane Katrina that showed the storm and my father dying. both of these things cam true. since them I’ve been trying to tone the dreams out. but I think I might start letting them happen again. How have you been, since this post?

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