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Haunted By Vivid And Horrific Dreams

My name is Jacob and I live in the northern United States. I’m not exactly sure when it all started my earliest memory when I was a child was hearing footsteps downstairs when I was in my bed trying to sleep and it got so bad that I had to start sleeping with earplugs when I went to bed. But that’s just the start of it all through my life I’ve had vivid and horrific dreams mostly involving strange creatures and people I’ve never met before.

When I was in high school I had my first episode of sleep paralysis all I can remember from the first episode is being held down to my bed by an unseen entity. This has now become a fairly regular occurrence and have ranged from hearing voices to feeling someone try lifting me out of the bed and once even being sexually assaulted and feeling fingers drape across my face while an image of horrific green reptile like eyes burned in my mind.

I’ve also dealt with the usual seeing shadows some dark others white and hearing a voice here and there and it’s not just me I’ve had several girlfriends freaked out by voices and banging on walls. I’m still not exactly sure what is going on here and my hope is that this website will give me some answers.

Ps it’s worth noting that I’m part Yakut and Inuit tribe in Siberia known for producing saman and having a strong connection with the universe I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it.

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Hello Jacob,

Your genetics might allow you to be more aware of the unseen world than many of your friends. You might be a natural medium (a person who speaks to ghosts or spirits). It can be hard to get people to believe you, but what you have described is not unusual for a person being haunted.

What I suggest you do is to use the Michael Invocation (you’ll find a link to it below), to clear your energy first, and then use it to clear your home. That should take care of the stray whispers and any ghosts about.

Sleep paralysis has two different forms – one where there is an entity bothering you (the Invocation will fix that), and the other is when our minds wake up before our bodies fully do, and we are left helpless (my husband recently described it as not being able to even move an eyelash). While it seems to last forever, its generally only seconds or a few minutes, until everything returns to normal. Some people will get sleep paralysis after they have been astral travelling, and since most people’s spirits leave their bodies while the bodies rest, its amazing it doesn’t happen more often. But its not a problem then. What can happen is that any spirit you have been in contact with while in the astral, might still be talking to you as you slip back into your sleeping body, triggering the fight or flight response, which wakes you suddenly with the sense that something is either in the room with you, leaning over you, or holding you down. Scary but not fatal.

Love & Peace