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Golden Orb Floating By NOLA 24TH floor Window In Rain

On September 9th of this year, I accompanied my husband on a business trip to New Orleans.  My Grandmother grew up there as well as 3 prior generations.  We have a family crypt in St. Patrick’s cemetery #1so my primary purpose was to research my family and visit places they lived and died.  The first few hours I was there it was raining so I sat in the floor looking out the window in the Sheraton on the 24th floor, room 2424.  As I was sitting there, a Golden Orb floated from the left to the right till it was finally out of my sight. I didn’t have enough sense to grab my camera as I was stupefied by what it could possibly be, maintaining it’s surface surface tension in the rain seems improbable.

As I researched I found the address where my grand mother lived with her sister and brother in law, cousins that were children of Captain Richard T. Walsh of the NOLA police on Royal st. This was 1900.  The Address was 20 Camp Street which is the exact property the Sheraton had been built on!  Imagine my shock!

The Sphere resembled that of the Wizard of Oz’s Glenda the Good Witch.  What in the world was it and could it have been a welcome from my family?

Asked by Pam

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Hi Pam,

Orbs are created by so many different things, including reflections of light on raindrops and bugs. As an energy entity it would not be affected by the raindrops. They would pass right through it.

A golden orb is more likely to have been created by a living human, than your family in spirit. From what you wrote it was outside the window. If it had been in the room with you, I might think it possibly was a messenger, but outside .. its so unlikely that you would actually see it, if anything distracted you, that I believe you saw something wonderful, but it was specifically for you.

Love & Peace

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