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Glowing Blue Footprints?

When I was a child (4-12 years) I would find glowing blue footprints leading to my bed. My parents could not see them when I called for help, and they would not show up on photographs (when using a disposable camera.)

I am now a 21 year old veteran of the united states army, and the footprints are returning. I have watched them appear on my floor one at a time until they reach my bed.

Does anyone know what they could be?

Asked by Dom

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Hi Dom,

How big were the footprints? Human shaped? What else can you ‘see’ with a gift that is probably a form of clairvoyance (that means clear vision and doesn’t always relate to future or past events)? How is your night sight? What do you ‘feel’ (apart from, perhaps, nervous) when the footprints appear? Have you asked anyone else if they can see them? When did it start again and what was happening in your life at the time – anything that might have been a repeat of events from the time period the foot prints were around when you were younger?

I know, a heap of questions, but they might spark an answer you can find for yourself. Otherwise, they might also tell me more about what you are experiencing.

Love & Peace

Dom, never assume .. you don’t have enough information, and an uneducated ‘guess’, and believe, the information on the internet about the fallen is mostly guesses .. can lead you into a lot of trouble.

Love & Peace

Human shaped. I wear size 13, they appeared around size 17. As for what I feel, that’s difficult to say. It seems like, upon an event happening such as a friend becoming married, I can feel what they are going to feel at a later date. For example, I felt the pain my friend felt after he found out his wife had given birth to his brothers child, and not his, when they were first engaged(which subsequently gave me a fun trip to the emergency room.) Usually when they appear, I feel invigorated. But also dark, if that makes sense. I could compare it to playing a villan in a video game. Nothing out of the norm has recently occurred. Nor did anything strange happen when I was a child and saw them.

Hello again,

Shoes or toes? Size 17 generally means a very tall person. First thought, given your ‘dark’ feeling, a fallen angel? Our energy ‘lifts’ when paranormal things are around, hence the ‘invigorated’ feeling.

You ‘read’ emotions, that’s called ’empathy’, if the feeling overwhelms you, and clairsentience (clear sensing) if you have the feelings in a detached way. The latter is easier to manage.

As to why its checking up on you again, they aren’t all nasty any more, but some are still lost in many ways. Perhaps it knew you in another life, or was seeing if it could influence you again, as an adult. What did you do when you ‘saw’ the footsteps? How did you react?

Love & Peace

Well, the name Andrew comes to mind when I think about the situation. Or Andy. And-something. When I first saw them as a child I was terrified after my parents said they couldn’t see them. But before hand I just got the urge to fight. Now when I see them I don’t feel anything. But last night when they appeared, it wasn’t a big deal. For some reason afterwards I started thinking of getting back at everyone that has wronged me. Luckily I’ve got a large amount of control thanks to serving in the military.

Andrew is a very human name. I would suggest you treat the entity like a human, and ask your angels, whether you believe in them or not, to find and take that one into a healing place.

I use something like: Archangel Michael, please find the being called Andrew who leaves blue footprints and take him into healing”. Simple, but it works. The angels know what to do, and if he is a fallen angel, they’ll fix that problem too. They only need our permission to act, and they always act from Love.

Love & Peace

Well, on the topic of fallen angels, I decided to read up on them. Apparantley Andras fits the bill. Explains a lot as well.

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