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Ghost Like Face In My Face

I woke up from a “trance,” if you can call it that, with a male like face up close to mine. all I can make out was the jaw line and eyes. The lines had a golden/yellow color, the eyes made spirals as if a wind was blowing it. it was as if the figure sat next to me on my bed and leaned in to have a look or give a good night kiss on the forehead before saying good bye.

I saw the figure for about 2 seconds and then it left. I wasn’t frightened at first but as it run through my brain I got scared as hell switched all the lights on and went back to sleep.

Can anyone please advise on what it could be?

Asked by Annelize

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Hi Annelize,

You weren’t that frightened if you could go back to sleep with the lights on.

Truthfully, it sounds like an elemental being (think of them as nature spirits) who had come to say goodbye. Perhaps you had been astral travelling in your sleep and your mind woke up a bit too quickly. The trance feeling of your body is normal and is caused because your mind wakes up just before your body does .. seems to take ages to go away, but its really only moments.

If you are worried about it happening again you could consider White Light Shields to protect your and your home. The link to them is below.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra